Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Dramatically Improve Your Chances In Your Next Job Interview

Going on an interview is pretty scary. After all, you've got a lot to loose. Sure, they tell us that the best way to look for a job is when you've already got a job. But who's kidding whom? Most of us are in jobs that could end at any second. Our boss gets a whiff that we're out looking for something different, and we're done faster than yesterday's burnt grilled cheese.

Not to mention that most people go looking for jobs when they are desperate, and not exactly in a position to negotiate from a position of power. Most of us go looking for a job with our hands out, and we literally beg the employer to higher us. Just give us a chance. Just help us out. We really do have some bills to pay.

Unfortunately, as easy as it is to fall into these feelings, they won't help. They will actually hurt. After all, any employer who gives out jobs not to the most qualified candidates, but to those who beg the most won't stay in business very long. If you want a job, then you've got to show the employer that you will help him or her make money. Or at least look good to their superiors.

So how do you do that if you're desperate, broke, and haven't eaten in two days? Practice. Most people look for jobs and only apply for the ones that are ideal or close to perfect. Even though we're broke, most of us won't take jobs we consider below us. However, when you consider that going on interviews for those jobs can serve as valuable practice, they become a lot more enticing.

All you've got to do is apply for as many jobs as you can, for which you pass some of the basic requirements. Sure, most of those won't respond. But many will. And that means you'll have an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills. Pretty soon, that one interview that seemed so scary before will be just another interview in a long string of interviews.

Your answers will get better, you'll get a lot more confident, and you'll actually start to get some offers. And then something amazing will happen. You'll actually start to turn down some offers. This means that you'll get even more confident. If you mention, in passing, that you've turned down a couple job offers recently, you'll suddenly be an in demand candidate. You won't be like everybody else who is out there begging for a job.

This will make you a lot more attractive to a lot more employers. And this can go a long ways in helping you get that dream job that pays the big bucks.

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