Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Customize Your Marketing Strategies in 8 Ways

Make no mistake: Sales is regarding personal contact. Consumers purchase goods and services which provide their needs or solve their problems. And typically, they invest in the brands they like and trust. But if you're into b2b, instead of selling direct to the consumers, you have to be more familiar with the companies.

Here are 8 ways on how to make your business to business marketing strategies more personal.

1. Really get to know your sales prospects and customers. Know what they are fond of doing if they're not at the office; it can be about their pets, family, hobbies, etc. People love to talk about themselves--that's why you've got to give it to them. This is the opportunity for you to heed and take down notes. Then when a customer visits your shop, you can display a personalized signage that says something like, "Welcome, Mr. Rob Winston!" at the front and to top it off, serve Rob's favorite coffee.

2. Never mind about your tools. Your consumers and business partners do not mind about your office supplies, your equipments, your trucks or computer software. Take note that they always presume that you got all the devices you need and naturally, they primarily care about their projects with you.

3. Be proud of the work of your customers. Yes, show them off in any way you can. Set a spot on your blog, website and Facebook page in order to showcase stellar projects made for your clients and customers. Then, tweet about it, but of course don't share anything without their permission.

4. Allow your team to meet your customers. Usually, customers meet only the company's customer service or sales person. Be unique--accompany your customer to your store and introduce some of the other staff which work on the same projects. Doing this makes your other employees feel more involved and more answerable for results.

5. Have your customers be familiarized with each other. There are times when you are not the right person that may solve the problem of some of your customers, but then, you know someone that can. Be a helpful bridge and introduce them to each other and they'll thank you for that. To be more effective, hold an event wherein they can network with one another. They might even bring their own business connections who are your qualified business leads.

6. Be generous and charitable. It's usual for people to like seeing that your business is giving something in return. Look for a nonprofit organization whose objective is connected to what you're doing. Or much better, why not allow your customers to select the charity? Give money and time to those who need them.

7. Have a real person to answer phone calls. If your company doesn't have time to hire and train a receptionists, have people in your office/store to at least take turns in answering telephone calls for one hour daily. Or better yet, hire a professional inbound telemarketer from a call center. It's cheap and way better than recorded messages.

8. Send handwritten notes. At present, with emails people will be glad about receiving handwritten notes. Bring up something which the two of you have talked about lately, and you can even enclose a little token, if you like.

These personal touches make your company stand out from the rest. Your leads and prospects will be happy that you prioritize their needs; which will give them more reasons to patronize your products.

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