Saturday, October 20, 2012

Framing Your Home The Right Way

Home framing is the process of building the skeleton of your home which is built on the foundation and gives shape and structure to the entire house. It is evident that framing the home properly is extremely important because it will shape how the house ultimately looks when the project is totally finished. Understanding home framing is vital regardless of whether you are designing and building your house on your own or working with a local contractor to complete construction. In addition to simply the basic techniques used in framing your home, it is also beneficial to understand which tools are necessary, how they are used, and how to stay safe while working on this aspect of home construction.

The home framing techniques you will use vary depending on whether you are starting with just a floor slab or have a lower basement level. You have to create the first floor in a home with a basement before you can start framing the walls, so you will have to put in floor joists and then cover them with chipboard or plywood. You will save time and materials if you build with just a slab because the first floor foundation is already there.

The fact that the work you do on home framing is not physically visible following the completion of construction makes some people think that it is not really that big of a deal. This is why you ought to understand home framing; a person who realizes that measuring and building frames correctly is important will wind up with a better quality home. The goal of doing a good job on the framing is giving the home a good structure that will make installing trim and drywall easy; keep this is mind as you are working on the framing process.

There are a variety of codes and laws established by the government that affect the basics of how to build a frame wall for your new home. A negative inspection could be very bothersome and throw a wrench in your construction plans; knowing home framing laws and obeying them during construction is the wise choice.

Home framing is the most basic element of constructing a new home; it is like building the skeleton that your home will be built on. Keep in mind that framing your home is an important first step in creating a beautiful house where you can live comfortably; if you understand home framing you can ensure that your entire project goes smoothly from start to finish.

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