Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flood Damage - What To Do And What You Should Not Do After Your House Has Been Flooded

Flood damage is a problem that occurs in a number of homes everywhere. When you have flooding in your house it is essential for you to learn what to do and what not to do.

To start with, below are the things that you definitely want to do when flooding has damaged your home.

1. Get rid of all excess water using mops and towels.

2. Wipe down any furniture as best you are able to after taking it out of the room to prevent further damage to it from the water.

3. Place aluminum foil between furniture and the carpeting that you can't remove from the room.

4. During the summer it is a good idea to turn on your air conditioning to help with drying out the water.

5. Contact a professional restoration service to help you effectively get rid of the water in your house in areas you may not even think about. You can only clean up so much water by yourself, but the professionals know where to look for hidden water that can cause further damage to your home in the future.

Always get the help of the restoration service just to make sure that there is absolutely no water left behind.

Now, the following are the most essential things you never want to do after flooding in your home.

1. Don't clean up the water as best as you are able to and just assume that it is all gone. Water has a way of getting into places that you would not even consider checking out.

It is important that you hire a professional company to ensure there is no water left behind because assuming that there isn't can lead to further damage later.

2. Don't use any electrical appliance in the room until you are confident that all of the water is gone.

3. Don't leave items on wet carpeting and not remove it from the room or protect it by placing foil between it and the wet flooring because this will cause mold.

4. Never ignore the water in the room and assume it will dry on its own after you have mopped up what you could. This can also cause mold and will make for a very unsafe living environment for your family.

Instead, always dry everything as best you can and then call in the professionals to make sure it is all cleaned up and restored correctly.

These are the things that must be done and should never be done after flood damage has occurred in your home. If you keep in mind all of these things than you can easily get the damage taken care of right immediately so you can be sure that your house is water free and safe to live in again.

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