Sunday, October 21, 2012

Does Your Business Need Stirring, Or A Little Shake Up? Listen To 007 For The Secret Agent's Choice

James Bond may have been on to something. He wanted his martinis "shaken, not stirred", and look at him. Fit as a fiddle, taking his business seriously. And while you're probably not in the "spy" industry, it turns out that shaken, not stirred DOES make a difference, and not just with regards to martinis, either. Research shows shaking rather than stirring a martini leads to higher levels of antioxidants and reduces the levels of hydrogen peroxide. The results: Shaking, therefore, is healthier than stirring.

Okay, so how does that apply to business? Well, think about it. You know some things are going well, but you also know that other areas of your business are in disarray, even to the point of potentially damaging everything you've built up in your operation. Yet, business owners who "stir" the pot rather than "shake" things up add toxicity to their businesses that can be potentially fatal. Look at these characteristics of stirrers and shakers and see where you fit in.


• Often blame others for declines in sales, marketing, and profit loss
• Tend to try and sweep things under the rug, hoping for a change
• Are in a constant state of denial - leading others (and fooling themselves) into believing things are fine


• Are not afraid of making necessary changes
• See challenges as an opportunity to grow
• Do not look at getting help as a weakness

So, are you a stirrer or a shaker? Chances are you're somewhere in between. An ActionCOACH recently told me, "My client is a very proud business manager who does not like to admit that things he's put into place are not working. Ironically, the very pride he had in getting the business off the ground is what's holding him back in growing the business. We talked about some changes that, when put into place, would instantly show him a shift in a positive direction. It took some convincing, but we made it risk-free for him, as we do with all business owners, and now his business is flourishing."

It's time to shake things up. Some business owners feel a slow-moving economy is the time to lay back, ignore problem areas, or blame their woes on the recession, but progressive business owners would rather take a risk and make some needed changes that give them the advantages they never dreamed were possible.

So, shake it up fellow business owners, and sip on the success you deserve.

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