Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bid Management Guide - Overview Of The Pre Qualification Questionnaire

Major organisations from both the government and private sector generally look for partnerships with service provider firms for certain services. Services that are often outsourced by these establishments include construction projects and janitorial or maintenance work. Whenever an establishment looks for partner firms for these types of services, they'll ordinarily send out an invitation to tender (ITT) to particular suppliers and then study the tender proposal submitted by these candidates. Then again, even ahead of giving the ITT, the client will hand out a questionnaire to help them narrow down their selections of provider firms. This questionnaire, the pre qualification questionnaire or the PQQ, is made up of questions that businesses will need to answer to the best of their ability in an effort to have the opportunity at advancing.

The standing of the organisation covers details on the background of the provider and even those of its directors. It is very important show in this section of the questionnaire the way the firm plans to accomplish the client's necessities. Will the company be working together with sub-contractors? Have they completed comparable projects during the past? These are merely a handful of the questions that could be included in the PQQ.

When it comes to finances, it is obviously important to confirm that the organisation is in good financial standing. The PQQ might request for details on the state of accounts for the past couple of years as well as information about the company's insurance policies. If the firm has any additional insurance besides Employer's Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, then this should also be included in the response in the PQQ. Naturally, in case the firm has any additional insurance policies, they must likewise be able to deliver the required certifications to verify this claim.

For the portion regarding considerations for level of quality and safety of the environment along with the company's staff, suppliers should be able to present evidence of policies presently used by the firm. Certifications, like the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and also the OHSAS 18001, are worth declaring in the response also.

As a final point, the company will have to provide information on their ability to provide the client's needs. This section will require more in depth details, like credentials of the company's team managers and the more specific details about experience in previous projects.

No matter how simple and easy a pre qualification questionnaire is, service provider firms will need to answer it cautiously and be certain that they give the best answers so that they can be chosen for the tendering process. Know the best answers to a PQQ through this link

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