Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bi-Folding Doors: A Design Genius!

Not all double glazing companies can produce quality bi-folding doors; it's an intricate piece of engineering. On looking at a set of bi-folding doors in a well-known DIY store I could see why I needed to buy from a specialist manufacturer. Another thought occurred to me, and that was who thought of the concept of a concertina door anyway?

Concertinas as a design have played a massive part in our cultural make up. In music, the American squeeze box was responsible for so much early music, from the war of independence through to modern times; accordions have played their part in popular music.

Similarly in military stratagem, the concertina 'Zigzag' movement of Zulu warriors that fanned out to create the head of a buffalo is well documented, and even portrayed in the film Zulu Dawn.

The Zigzag motion has long been a way in which size can be reduced, or used to expand or enclose an area. So I suppose that it was a matter of time before concertinas made their way into our building methods and design.

Bi-folding doors work fantastically on both external and internal on most houses. In fact in modern homes the use of Bi-folding doors is becoming even more of a feature. Double glazing companies who are never slow to respond to modern trends, have created Bi-folding doors made from tough, maintenance free PVCu.

As a design tool the doors are a real plus. Imagine using the Bi-folding doors instead of French or patio doors. The opening is wider and equally as secure when shut. Externally Bi-folding doors come in a variety of colours, however for me because of the slightly thicker sections white is best.

But internally Bi-folding doors can transform your home. You can quite easily use bi-folding doors to actually create a whole new room. How? Well imagine the space at the top of a landing or a large room that could at times be cut into two.

Imagine you have a large room and friends or family turn up, you have the ability at the pull of a handle to effectively divide the area into two, children in one area and adults in the peace and quiet of the other. Once they leave another tug on a handle and the room opens up again. Wonderful! These concertina bi-folding doors, come in various colours, and sizes can easily be as big a design feature in your home, as they are practical.

Remember when considering the possibility of installing bi-folding doors, you are opening up a whole world of possibilities. Search online for the best deals on bi folding and composite fire doors. If you are looking to find out more information about making your home more energy efficient then visit today.

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