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Beautiful Acres of Land for Sale in Millard County, UT

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Millard County is located on the central western edge of Utah bordering the state of Nevada. The county is primarily rural, made up of several small towns, the largest being Delta. This area is a great place to find acres of land for sale and there are a lot of fun and interesting things to do and see around the county. There is a total population density of around 2 people for every square mile, which means that plenty of large multi-acre tracts are available throughout the area.

Land and Farms for Sale in the Area

This rural community is worth a look if you are looking for land or a farm to buy. Farming makes up a large portion of the economy, which means that finding working farms will not be too difficult in this area. Another driver of the economy is fossil hunting. Millard County is a prime place to find Trilobite fossils and people who enjoy digging for fossils come here to seek them out. The earth around the county is also a great place to find opals, geodes, obsidian, and lots of topaz. Outside of fossil hunting and farming, a big source of income for the county is the power plant located in Delta that supplies power for much of the Los Angeles area.

Millard County Lots, Land for Sale

If you are looking for vacant lots, land for sale, Millard County is a lovely place to look. There are many interesting things about this county. For instance, there is the Lon and Mary Watson Cosmic Ray Center, which serves a major part in the Telescope Array experiment. The county was also the site of the Topaz Relocation Camp, which was a Japanese internment camp during World War II, and now stands as a memorial and historic landmark from that time in history.

Ranch and Land for Sale in the Area

If you've always wanted a ranch, you can find them for sale in Millard County. The area offers lovely mountain views and interesting rock formations that are sure to get your attention. They even have a rock formation that is claimed to the profile of Joseph Smith's face that is called "The Great Stone Face". There are sand dunes that are quite popular with those who enjoy driving off road vehicles and part of the Fishlake National Forest which is known to be a recreational paradise and is sure to provide plenty of entertainment for the outdoorsman.

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