Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alternative Marketing For Small Businesses

The traditional forms of marketing for small businesses are quickly becoming irrelevant in the face of easier and more convenient methods of corporate video production. In short, the methods that were once only available to corporations with millions of dollars to spend on marketing are now available to all businesses large and small.

The new consumer is much less concerned with the "production value" of an online video than he is with the content. If the content is given in an attractive and precise way, any business can compete with any other, no matter their size.

The basics of corporate video production are actually quite simple: 1. Keep your video short, 2. create valuable content for your specific audience, and 3. optimize your video for search engines and your niche audience.

1. Keep your video short.

There is definitely something to be said for brevity in a marketing video for a corporation. Shorter videos mean that you have more organization. You are able to pack more information into a shorter time span; therefore, you are able to do many things in a more cost-effective manner. This is, at least, the impression that you will give off.

2. Create valuable content for your specific audience.

The audience that loves your content will not be attracted to you for the way in which you can copy the content of a competitor. Your long term audience, the people that will make purchases from you for years to come, will be attracted to you because of the new information that you are able to bring to them. It will be information that your company has as a unique expert in the field that no one else can give.

Small businesses actually have an advantage in this respect. They are "closer to the ground" when it comes to obtaining new information about an industry. They can bring this information to their audience first.

3. Optimize your video for the search engines and for your niche audience.

Search engines today are able to mass deliver content in a much more directed way than the post office ever could. With the proper optimization, you can have your video seen by the people who are most likely to buy from you, foregoing the expense of marketing to those who are not really in your target audience. You can do this by uploading the script to your video and placing the proper keywords in your title and meta description.

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