Monday, October 8, 2012

Advantages of Cable Seals

Cable seals are security seals used in the shipping industry. They are meant to close a container so that attempted theft becomes easy to detect. This is because there will be some evidence of tamper on the container. This type of security mechanism is mostly used in securing vehicles, chemicals or petroleum products drums, airline trolleys, and others are the utility meter. They provide cheap way of detecting tampering on these shipping facilities which can either be accidental or deliberate thus are considered as tamper proof seals or tamper evident seals.

There are various rules that must be observed for these security mechanisms to work effectively or else they can fail to resolve or detect all security problems they are designed to solve. Such rule include the normal procurement procedures, installation of such security mechanism, storage method, inspection, record keeping, removing procedures, training of personnel involved in the process, report, interpretation of the report, and its recommendation implementation.

Proper observation of these rules result to excellent results in terms of ensuring any sign of theft or tampering of the container or cargo storage facility is easily detected. However, if poorly handled, a more sophisticated seal can result to poor outcome.

There are two types of these mechanisms, those that are only used once from there they are destroyed as the container is opened. These are normally made of metal or plastic and their security efficiency mainly depends on the material used and the level of technology applied during their installation.

The other group includes the electronic security equipments; these are normally fitted on the back of containers or trucks. This cable can also be fixed on the loading door and when sealing, a password or number code is generated which changes whenever the door is opened next thus providing evidence of tamper.

This type of security measure can be ranked by US customs ISO/PAS 1772 amongst the highest security levels and is therefore used for detecting theft in shipping of high value goods. To increase their efficiency and provide excellent results, numbering and branding is essential as it increase the resistance of tampering with such security devices.

Technology has lead to improvement of this security measure by application of the following technologies; thermal printing, printing using ink, and also laser printing. They are used to place bar codes that are read by computers, white pads that are written on by the hand, numbering, and marking logos and other special texts to individualize the seal.

This type of security mechanism has so many benefits and advantages, some of these include; it is cheap or inexpensive as compared to other modes of security used in the shipping industry. It is also reusable in that after the delivery of the goods, the same mechanism used can be used for shipping other goods and serves the same purpose effectively especially when properly handled.

This method is ranked one of the best and therefore suitable for use in shipping of most valuable products. This is due to its high accuracy and good results so long as it is handled well right from installation stage to the point of delivering the goods.

Ted Boynton (BSc Hons., NEBOSH) is the General Manager of Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd., a popular provider of security equipment to UK and world markets based in industrial Teesside UK. Go now to or call 01642 888002 for further news, or to browse our range of security products.

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