Friday, October 12, 2012

A Guide To Hairdressing Supplies - Choose Your Weapons Right

The need for aesthetics is now accepted by more modern men and women in their everyday existence. This is the reason why beauty parlors are now popular business ventures. To be able to run this enterprise successfully, owners need to take time to choose their weapons well - the right hairdressing supplies.

1. Select combs that are a minimum of six inches long to accommodate different lengths of tresses.
2. The spaces between the comb teeth matters. Thicker locks are much easier to handle with widely-spaced teeth. In order to tease, detangle, partition, and fluff, work with a fine-toothed comb with a long tail pick.
3. It is more practical to purchase combs manufactured from hard and smooth plastic since they are lighter in weight and less costly.

1. Styling brushes with natural fiber bristles are the best ones available in the market, but majority still prefer synthetic ones for funding reasons.
2. Try to find out if the brush is gentle enough for the scalp by brushing it on the bend of your elbow or you inner forearm.
3. Buy round brushes with bristles to add curl, volume, and definition to hairstyles. Using blow dryers require a brush with tines to create waves and curls.
4. A paddle brush works well in detangling, stretching, or straightening tresses.

Flat and Curling Irons
1. Ceramic plates retain and disperse heat more efficiently. They also cause lesser damage on the locks.
2. To be able to accomplish a variety of intensities of straightening or curling results, purchase those with temperature settings that range between 100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. It is great to own different irons with differing thickness of plates in your salon. More accurate styling can be acquired from thin plates. For speedy results, use thicker ones to straighten large sections of hair at a time.
4. Avoid an iron that is too heavy as this causes burden on your staff. The ideal weight is approximately two pounds.

Hair Dryers
1. Because these tools are the most commonly used, opt for varieties that have a wattage of no less than 1500 watts. This provides the ideal amount of airflow and speeds up tasks in order to avoid high electricity bills.
2. The ones with nozzles are excellent in straightening and adding styles since they permit you to focus air stream on specific sections.
3. Invest on types in which you may alter temperature settings. There are some clients who have fine locks which get damaged if the air released is too hot.

When it comes to acquiring hairdressing equipment quality and safety are still the most significant areas to check. Cheap goods may harm clients and get broken easily. In order to make your beauty salon enterprise survive in the competitive business world, remember that these things will serve as your powerful weapons.

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