Thursday, October 18, 2012

6 Steps of Getting Quality Business Leads From Your Own Community

How can you continually find qualified business sales leads and business appointments when a large, international brand suddenly shows up in your locality? With a lot of large brands opening up everywhere, small local businesses might feel threatened for their market share, but they shouldn't be. They can maximize on their existing assets by generating more qualified b2b sales leads for their business and not only keep their existing clients or customers,. As a small, local business, here's what you have to do to keep and increase your market share effectively:

Promote the fact that you've been in business longer than your competitor. This means that you know better of potential customers and how they are currently being served in your local marketplace than the newcomer do.. Simply showing that you have been a delivering quality service for years shows how reliable you are to your clients and potential business leads. It's also a good way of tapping into the emotional side of your market.

Make your products and services vendible in the market. When you hire professional telemarketers to market your products, make sure they promote your brand in their spiel, and nothing else. No backstabbing or naysaying quips that are sure to put off your b2b sales leads. Hiring a reliable telemarketing company will provide you with these well-trained, professional telemarketers and help you construct that perfect pitch for your local business.

To ensure successful b2b appointment setting campaigns, make sure your lead generation campaigns deliver already qualified leads. When you're from the same community, asking around about people would let you know immediately if they can benefit from your products or not. Being outgoing is sure to result in quality b2b appointments.

Hire people from the local community. It's not a secret that people like to support their own, and there are usually a lot of skilled people even in medium-sized cities. Also, this shows that you are helping your local community by providing jobs and improving the life of families. The more developed a community is, the opportunities there are for small businesses to grow because the jobs they create attract young people and families into settling in the community.

Give back to the community directly by supporting local causes. As a local yourself, you would be informed about the local government's activities. Because you don't have to go through corporate red tape to support local events, you can do so right away. Furthermore, as you're a native, government officials and the local community will not hesitate to accept your support. Doing so will further endear your brand not only to your target business leads, but also to everyone else. When you decide to expand your business outside of your chosen niche, finding more qualified business leads won't be as difficult anymore.

You won't be able to fight the big guys all by yourself, so make sure that your employees are well compensated for their services. When your own people are happy, expect them to go an extra mile for your b2b leads. The result, of course, would be equally happy business sales leads. Additionally, you can look forward to a lot of qualified business leads for your business to business company when your employees are generously paid.

Belinda Summers is business development consultant specializing in b2b business lead generation for mid-size and large business industries. She has been writing tips on how to market your business effectively through telemarketing and online marketing. Get informative insights on lead generation and telemarketing at

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