Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Secrets To Gaining Customers Trust

When in business, trust is the name of the game. This is why being fair in dealing with clients is supreme, because nothing is harder to regain that lost trust.

When you trick customers out of their hard-earned money just to make a sale, chances are, you will never see their shadow again. What's worse is, eventually, they will come back to complain, demand for a refund, and proceed to warn friends and family about doing business with you. One bad testimonial is enough to nullify 100 good ones.

People do business with people they trust. They are complacent when people they patronize are knowledgeable, efficient and deliver what they promise. In order to gain customer trust, there are 5 principles which are the best secrets of maintaining a great customer-business relationship. Here they are.

T - Truth All types of relationships are based on telling the truth. No product is ever 100% perfect, so a salesclerk claiming that a product is defect-free is unconsciously putting the business in a bad light. In any of life's dealings, it is essential to be upfront with all the advantages as well as the disadvantages of buying a product. This way, you paint a picture of trust and total disclosure with every customer. Don't lie just to make a sale! Think business ethics. The rule is: don't overpromise and fall short. Instead, under-promise and over-deliver on your promises - this makes your clients think that you are going over and beyond normal expectations.

R - Responsibility One of the most essential underlying concepts of trust is responsibility. You know you can trust someone when he takes full responsibility for both the beautiful and the bad things that transpire. Responsibility means you do not blame others for your mistakes, or claim the applause for good things which are not the fruit of your efforts. Another facet of responsibility is doing what you are entrusted to do. So when you sell a defective product, never blame the customer for misuse. Never refuse to remedy the situation, or even offer a solution. Customers like the thought of making a purchase from a business that guarantees the quality of their product.

U - Unselfishness How refreshing is it to purchase from a business who only has your best interests in mind? Unselfishness is when your employees give their time and effort for the good of the customer and of the entire business. And this is so evident, especially when sellers go out of their way to satisfy the client or their bosses. Avoid letting customers know of how bad your day was, or how you wish you had a different job. A disgruntled employee speaks of the quality (or lack of) of backroom operations. Clients generally don't like to trust businesses with unhappy employees, because it isn't really great to see insincere smiles hiding behind bleeding hearts. Be unselfish with fairness and goodness as well, as these reflect on the customer service your employees give your clients.

S - Security Trust heavily lies on feeling secure. It is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure both the customers and your employees are safe against threats. This includes providing ample security within the perimeter of your store, as well as security when customers whip out their credit cards and are assured that no unauthorized transactions are charged against it. Employees, on the other hand, appreciate it when their job security is not compromised or threatened. Remember the general rule: Fair business practices = happy employees = well taken cared off customers.

T - Teamwork By having teamwork in your business, the entire business system works better - trickling down unto your business dealings with customers. It's great when everyone works together to achieve a common goal. Having teamwork makes success and trust easier to achieve, since all of you are all working for the betterment of the entire business. When times are bad, you all stick around and altogether think of solutions. But when things are good, everyone, most especially the customers, benefit from the teamwork. Encourage an atmosphere of one-ness within your business.

No one ever said that making a business work is easy. It entails hard work, sacrifice, and a good sense of right and wrong. Being trustworthy and reliable are essential traits to endear you to your customers and employees. Be upfront and honest, fair and unselfish… and slowly, you will work yourself into success.

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