Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 Ways To Grow Your Business Network

This is perhaps one of the most popular things a determined business owner thinks of - how to widen his business network. A great business owner does not stop and remain complacent - he goes out and finds what he's looking for.

There are dozens of ways to grow your network, but perhaps there are a few more options which you may have not yet considered.

Invite associates to mingle. You may have friends from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - so why not set up a physical meeting with some of them who are located within your vicinity? Who knows, you may be the answer to each other's business need. If you all revolve within the same niche, there are huge chances that you can even find these very same friends / people at a local networking event. A word of caution though - you and your friends may have the same interests, or revolve around the same circle, but you do not know each other from the get-go, so don't be so quick to trust. Find out everything there is to know about each one, give it some time, form business relationships - and not just mere acquaintances. Don't immediately enter into a business partnership right away. Reserve it for after you have gotten to know each other's business ethics, personal quirks and also after you've conducted your research. Don't be an eager-beaver.

Trade Articles. Especially when you have blogs or websites, send potential business people praise whenever you come across articles which prove to be good reads - especially those which give tips on how to properly run businesses. If they are willing to share and impart knowledge, then they are generally helpful and charitable as clients or business associates. Also, take the cue - when someone praises your articles, take the opportunity to get to know them and offer to help the with their need as well. The articles prove to be such good clues into finding the proper audience or market for your business' need.

Get in touch with business owners who win awards and contracts. This may sound a bit self-serving, but in business, it pays to be forward. Try to get in touch with the trailblazers in your niche and industry - and befriend them! Try to find out how they do it, what the secrets to their success are. They say that to survive in life, you must surround yourself with the right people - the positive influences, and the true influencers. Find out what their winning strategy is. You may be met with aloofness, but it never hurts to try. For your business, be willing to give it your all.

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