Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Mining Is Important

All modern technology and economy relies on raw resources. These ensure not only that the machines and devices we manufacture can be properly made, but also that we have durable commodities to back up our transactions. Without the modern Australian mining efforts responsible for making these resources available, the world would be a drastically different place.

One of the main misconceptions about mining, however, is that it solely exists for the above mentioned purposes. Even though it's important that we gather economically-useful metals and building materials using responsible means, mining also helps us learn more about the world around us.

Mining operators drill deep into the ground, extracting core samples that describe the Earth's history. Stored in core trays and transported to museums and universities, these samples offer us glimpses of our geological past.

Samples stored in plastic core trays also help us understand present conditions. Many building projects that would have failed due to hidden geological instabilities were made successful by findings that only mining data could have generated. Mining's potential for information gathering saves countless numbers of lives and keeps the conveniences we live with more affordable.

Of course, for all its benefits, mining still has potential downsides. As with anything else, mismanagement can waste all the potential for good mining promises by causing environmental catastrophes and fiscal losses. That's why mining operations must be sustainable and responsibly overseen to be worthwhile.

Australia is full of natural splendour. Mining operations that incorporate sustainable techniques ensure resources can be extracted without causing damage to the surrounding environment.

Many of the substances exposed and created as by-products during the mining process are hazardous to living creatures in their raw forms. Most metals are not found in pure forms naturally; the ores that contain them must be processed and broken down to extract the desired substances. The chemical and electrical processes used to complete this task often require caustic reactant compounds or the use of fossil fuel energy. They can also create toxic industrial waste. Only sustainable mining procedures can mitigate the effects of these necessary evils by controlling their storage, use and discharge.

Sustainable mining is good for the Australian economy and it promotes the advancing of scientific progress. It's also better for the workers who participate in it and for the planet we all share.

As a world leader in sustainable, clean energy, mining and development methods, it's critical that Australia shares its knowledge to reduce the likelihood of major environmental catastrophes. By educating others, Australia helps improve how industries all over the globe interact with the people around them.

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