Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Defines Proper Corporate Clothing?

Working in a professional setting requires one to present oneself in a professional manner. When a person looks like a professional, he or she instantly becomes much more approachable to others. Customers have more faith in individuals who present themselves nicely, and they are more willing to return to the same location for future services. The appearance of a company's employees reflects the business ethics of the company, and no business wants to come off as unprofessional and untrustworthy. Clearly, wearing the right corporate clothing is a big deal in the workplace.

> General Guidelines

While there is no such thing as a universal dress code for the workplace, most people refer to acceptable corporate attire as "business casual." First of all, athletic clothing does not fall into this category. T-shirts, gym shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tights are all unacceptable types of clothes. Secondly, damaged clothing is considered unsuitable for a professional setting. Anything that is stained, ripped, frayed, or has holes in it are all no-nos. Next, clothes that are too revealing should not be worn to the office. Items such as short skirts, low cut tops, and sandals should be kept out of the workplace. Finally, offensive clothing should never find its way into a corporate setting. This includes any outfit displaying depictions of violence, nudity, racism, or other controversial subjects.

> Men's Business Attire

Typically accepted clothing for corporate men include dress shirts, trousers, polo shirts, blazers, full suits, and dress shoes. The articles above can be worn in any combination as long as the overall look appears well put together. Acceptable pants are usually black, dark blue, grey, or khaki in colour. They are commonly made out of cotton, wool, or other synthetic materials. Button-up shirts are probably the most popular type of top worn by men, and they can be had in a variety of styles and colours. The ones that don't usually work are those with flashy designs or colours. Basic solid dress shirts will pass any day. As for polo shirts, they can either be worn alone or under a jacket. In certain establishments, sweaters also make good business tops. Full suits give corporate employees a professional look, but they can be a bit stuffy for everyday wear. High ranking employees usually outfit themselves with suits on a daily basis.

> Women's Business Attire

Women can wear the same types of clothes as their male counterparts, but they definitely have more options available to them. When it comes to tops, women can choose to wear blouses. As long as they are elegant and not too showy, there should be no problem. Instead of pants, women can dress themselves in casual skirts that are at least knee-length and split under the knee. Any skirt that is too short and provocative or too casual is prohibited from most places of business. Female employees also have the choice of wearing casual dresses, but they must not reveal too much cleavage and back or ride above the knees when sitting.

> Footwear and Hats

Corporate clothing code usually calls for men to wear dress shoes. These are usually black or brown in color. Some places allow men to wear solid black casual shoes or elegant boots. Women commonly wear conservative closed-toed heels, loafers, or other similar styles of shoes as the men.

> Hairstyles, Tattoos, and Other Accessories

In order to look professional, it is necessary to pay attention to all aspects of appearance. Hairstyles for men should be conservative and nicely cropped. For women, hair should be neat and tidy. Individuals who have tattoos should find any way to cover them all up. Visible tattoos are very unprofessional for most people working outside of a tattoo parlor. Jewelry is acceptable, but it should be kept to a minimum.

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