Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Photography

A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple's life. Storing its memories in the form of photographs is right on the top of the list of plans for the wedding. Wedding photography is something that has evolved into a few categories over the years. You need to understand and give a name to what you want from your photography.

A romantic wedding needs tangible memories that will last the lifetime of the couple. Professional photographers make their living from recording the aspects of weddings. Some use film; other use digital; a few use a combination. The same is true of amateur photographers. Both types of "artists" ply their talents to create beautiful memories.

Shooting a wedding can and usually is a chaotic affair. It can be very hard to get the shots you need never mind organize getting all of your subjects together in a certain place at a certain time. You have two main sources of help you can call upon: an assistant and the ushers. Both will be able to help you organize both you and your subjects so you have more time to worry about and concentrate on getting the best shots possible leaving someone else to help with the logistical things.

A wedding photographer would typically get a digital SLR camera or else a medium format squarish camera for the job. He may bring a few lights which would need to be set up before the ceremonies begin. There are still some photographers who prefer to use film. This is more or less his business, and it is not good to try and control what the photographers use. But here is a tip - professionals generally do not use compact cameras other than for scouting purposes. If you feel that the photographer does not have adequate equipment, there is no harm in discussing this with the person.

Wedding photography is usually classified as traditional, photojournalistic (candid), and artistic. There is a wealth of information online regarding these categories, if you would like more explanation of each. Although some photographers may declare that they are "hardcore photojournalists" (the current buzz-word in the wedding photo industry), I believe that a good wedding photographer must be able to do all the styles equally well. It is important to review a good selection of the photographer's work, and you should love most (if not everything) you see. You should insist on viewing complete wedding albums to see how your final album could look. If you don't feel an emotional connection with the photos, you need to interview another photographer.

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