Saturday, September 29, 2012

Try a Skidsteer Sand Shooter for Easy Particulate Dispersal

When choosing a skidsteer attachment, it is always important to find one that can perform several different functions over multiple seasons. A skidsteer sand shooter fits the bill, because it can spread many different materials, including sand, salt, peat, and snow melt, to name a few.

The first thing to look for on a skidsteer attachment like this is what it is made of. At first sight, it looks like just another hopper that one may throw trash in. But it's the simplicity of the tool that makes it useful. Why should anyone buy something that is complicated and not user friendly? Try a skidsteer attachment that can actually do complicated jobs with ease.

The best sand shooters can hold a scoop full of material without any shoveling on the operator's part. It should then have a belt that can distribute the material in a quick, yet manageable pace so the operator just has to drive along the distribution path. Look for a unit where the material does not sit directly on top of the belt. That will extend the life of the conveyor belt motor and help the unit to last for many more years.

Most skidsteer sand shooter attachments come in two different sizes: 60-inch and 72-inch. The conveyor belts are also bi-directional, so it is not necessary to turn the skidsteer loader around to disperse in the right direction. Just flip a switch in the cab, and the direction will change. The hopper also doubles as a bucket so it can scoop up the material during operation. The belt and auger speeds are both controlled by the motor's RPMs.

One might wonder why someone may need a bi-directional belt? Well that would be easy for a farmer to answer, especially one who has a feed house that only has room for one pass of the loader, but feed mills on both sides. One trip forward and one trip in reverse can get the job done.

For the skidsteer loader owners who need to disperse salt or snow melt on a parking lot after an ice storm, a skidsteer attachment like this can save them time and keep them running. Just scoop up the material and drive away. The auger and the belt will do all the work, while the operator drives along in the heated cab.

And in addition to its primary use -- dispersing sand; it is called a sand shooter, after all -- it can also dispense grass seed for landscapers, and any other particulate any other professional might need. This attachment was designed to work in all different climates. It can go anywhere a skidsteer loader can go and get the job done.

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