Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Marketing Magic Of Promotional Clothing

The local businessman supports the softball team, and the charity sponsors a city-wide bake sale. The new nightclub promotes its grand opening, and the large corporation prepares for an upcoming trade show. Their projects are as different as they are, but they all share a common goal. They want to get their name out to a large, specific audience. Promotional clothing isn't traditional advertising, but it has the advantage of walking in front of that targeted audience. It has the added bonus of being worn in grocery stores, shopping malls and city parks. The company logo casually strolling across a crowded parking lot is marketing magic.

Branding the Basics

T-shirts are a natural canvas for promotion, and their comfort ensures that they'll get plenty of wear after the event is over. Front and back are wide open for printing the name of a local business or silkscreening a charity's iconic graphic. Custom colors and designs turn the basic T-shirt into a fashionable source of information about the local club. Vintage fabrics and styles make a promotional shirt even more eye-catching. Polo shirts are perfect for corporate branding, and they're often part of the office uniform. The company logo embroidered on a quality shirt adds a polished, professional touch.

Wearing Real Value

Advertising is expensive and involves different media. A custom shirt is printed once and worn countless times. Online outlets make it easy to order any kind of clothing emblazoned with the business name or logo, and the choices in styles and fabrics offer more than just the basic T-shirt. Shopping trips to a local storefront aren't necessary, and it's as easy to outfit a softball team as it is to dress a corporate office. Buying in bulk is inexpensive, but even with a minimum order, the money spent is a one-time investment in a long-term marketing strategy.

More Than Shirts

Smart caps sporting the name of a local business do double duty at a golf tournament. They keep the sun at bay and keep the company's profile at eye level. Custom sweatshirts warm up a winter marathon and market an organization's image. Weekend retreats are lush with amenities, and a soft, personalized bathrobe goes home with an embroidered logo of the corporate sponsor. The company name emblazoned on a work uniform or a button down shirt makes a professional statement. There are as many opportunities to brand clothing as there are styles of clothing to wear.

Beyond Just Business

The advertising possibilities of custom apparel aren't limited to commercial business. Any organization benefits from savvy marketing with standout shirts and caps. When profit isn't part of the picture, a cost-effective investment in smart promotion pays big benefits. Charities help spread the word of their good deeds with T-shirts that boost their community profile. Students wearing bright team jerseys share their school pride. Cities market their regional appeal and museums offer their art treasures with custom designed apparel. Getting the message out is easy, and it isn't expensive.

Specialty T-shirts and ball caps are perfect promotional tools. Their cost doesn't break the advertising budget, and they don't need to be repurposed. They come in a variety of styles and are easy to customize. Promotional clothing is the kind of marketing magic that works anywhere and goes everywhere.

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