Monday, September 24, 2012

Resume Writing Tips For Serious Job Seekers

A well-written resume is essential for representing a person's talents and skills. A resume should reflect past achievements, current abilities and also provide the reader with an impression of the type of person the resume is representing. Employers use resumes to evaluate whether a candidate would be a good fit for the company and determine if the candidate is worth pursuing. Helpful resume writing tips can help any individual create a one-of-a-kind resume that can help generate positive results.

Many people choose to include a summary at the beginning of their resume. Although it is not required, a summary can clearly identify the goals and accomplishments of the candidate. A valuable summary will most likely include accomplishments and the career goals of the candidate. The summary should allow the hiring party to establish a brief impression on the type of individual the candidate is and the type of work ethic they possess.

All past and present employers can be listed in chronological order beginning with the most recent. Ensure that the company name and dates of hire are listed as well as the job duties and responsibilities of each position. Duties should be written in detail listing every responsibility clearly so that the reader has a good idea of the candidate's abilities. It is recommended to list up to 10 years of work history; however, no more than five employers should be listed on a resume. Any gaps in employment can be briefly explained on a cover letter but should never be discussed on the resume itself. In addition, the start and end date to each employment listed does not have to list a specific date if the gaps are brief. For instance, an applicant can list employment from 2004 to 2007 and 2007 to 2012 without revealing a gap between employment positions.

Although many skills will be listed under job duties and responsibilities, some skills can be listed under a category of their own. For instance, computer skills such as the proficiency in certain software programs should be listed together along with other abilities that are relevant to the desired job position. Listing educational achievements on a resume informs potential employers of the goals and accomplishments that have been obtained to date.

Most information on a resume can be limited to just two pages. Three or more pages are often overlooked as employers often have many resumes to look through; however, an executive or professional with senior-level management experience may require three or more pages on his or her resume. Individuals with less than 5 years of work history or very limited work experience may not want to exceed one page as it may portray an attempt to look more accomplished.

The main objective for most individuals is to have their resume stand out from the others; however, it is important that everything listed on the resume is truthful and accurate. Some employers conduct background checks on employment to ensure the candidate actually has the experience that he or she listed. The employer has the right to refuse employment or terminate employment if any part of the resume has been found to be fabricated.

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