Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Promoting Your Business With Custom Pens

Custom pens have been a staple of the promotional items industry for nearly as long as it has existed. After all, who doesn't need a pen? Pens fit all the requirements for a successful promotional giveaway. They are portable, useful and visible. People are happy to have them and happily pass them along. All in all, investing some of the marketing budget into promotional printed pens is a good business move. There are, however, ways to make that investment go further.

Choose Quality Pens for Important Contacts

While most people think of printed pens as a cheap business giveaway, many companies sell high-quality presentation pens that can be imprinted with a logo, business name or any other message. They're considerably more expensive than the run-of-the-mill plastic stick pen, but they have the potential to become valued possessions when handed out to important prospects. Consider refillable metal barrel pens with custom engraving as thank you gifts when a new client is signed.

Hand Out Novelty Pens to Spread a Message

How does a business get a message out among a young audience? Nonprofit groups who work with a school-age audience can make their message viral by printing a catchy slogan on a novelty pen. It's easy to forget how important a pen can be to a high school or middle school student. Girls are especially likely to choose quirky, fun pens as a way of showing off their individuality. Businesses can take advantage of this tendency by putting their message on a twisty-bendy pen that students will want to show off and hand around.

Steal This Pen, Please!

Other businesses take advantage of people's tendency to walk off with pens from their counters by printing them with business details. One local realtor worked out a deal with the manager of his bank branch. He keeps them supplied with pens printed with his name and the bank puts them out at all of their signing tables. Restaurants can use the same technique when presenting a credit card receipt for signature. If the customer walks off with the pen, he's walking off with an advertisement for the establishment. It's a low-key, inexpensive marketing technique to increase visibility.

Choose Value-Added Printed Pens

Anyone who attends a trade show heads home with a pocket full of promotional printed pens. Most of them get tossed into a drawer at home and are never seen again. For a promotional pen to actually do its job, it needs to stand out from the crowd. There are several ways to do this, but none is quite as effective as choosing a pen that is more than just a pen. A pen that doubles as an LED flashlight, for example, is almost certain to avoid an ignominious future in a junk drawer.

The key to making custom pens work as promotional items for a business is choosing pens that people will want to use. Whether they choose high end luxury pens, quirky novelty pens or pens that have some added value, they get a lot more marketing value from their investment when they think beyond cheap plastic pens.

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