Friday, September 21, 2012

Office Chairs And The Importance Of Sitting Correctly

For most folk who work in an office their days are spent sitting in their office chair and this can lead to back strain. Even a very good chair will not prevent all the stress that the spine has to suffer whilst seated for most of the day. If spinal problems and repetitive strain injury is to be avoided, it is so very important to be seated in a chair that can be adjusted to suit your body. Good posture should be observed at all times regardless of whether you are sitting or not. Proper posture helps to prevent minor discomfort becoming a long term injury. It is very easy to get into bad postural habits which can lead to many imbalances and stress points throughout the body. If corrected, these should not cause any long term damage but if left uncorrected, there are many different health issues that can ensue. So, remember to sit up straight, make sure your monitor is at the correct level so that your head is not tilted up or down and that you are able to use your keyboard in comfort. Also, it is vital to take regular breaks and move around so that you do not suffer from muscle stiffness. Make sure your office chair is correctly fitted and adjusted for you.

There are a great many different sorts of office chair on the market and ergonomic chairs are particularly helpful in offering good back support and promoting good posture. These days ergonomics is bit of a buzz word and care should be taken when selecting a chair of this type. As with people, chairs come in many shapes and sizes so it is important to fit the right chair with the individual. Often people who are not 'standard' sizes can have difficulty in finding goods and equipment that they can use comfortably. However, you can now find good quality office chairs that are suitable for large and tall people. It is just as important that those who are either petit or tall have access to suitable office chairs as those who fit the standard sizes.

There are a few things you must take into account when choosing an office chair which will encourage good posture. All good chairs should be able to adjust the height of the seat so that the individual can sit in a comfortable position with the feet either flat on the floor or on a suitable foot rest. The standard size allows from between 16 and 22 inches but for anyone who requires adjustment outside this range may need a different size of chair.

The width and depth of the seat are also important and it should be large enough to accommodate a larger person. Some seat sizes are more generous than others but they usually have a width of up to 20 inches. This size is usually generous enough to fit for most posteriors. The back rest should fit neatly behind the seat and should also be adjustable so that it can be set to the correct position. Lumbar support is imperative to the correct posture and comfort particularly when sitting for extended periods of time. If the lumbar spine is left unsupported, severe pain can be the result and this is neither good for the person or for productivity. Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common causes of 'sick days' and for the most part is avoidable if suitable chairs and good posture is followed.

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