Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marketing Your Brand Through Videos

There is no better promo tool on the market today than videos. Corporate video production is at an all time high as the large companies are quickly finding their market share usurped by small upstart businesses with nothing more than an HD camera, good ideas and some social media savvy.

Before you pick up your camera and start rolling, you should know how the standards for video production have changed.

1. Content marketing, not production gloss, is king today.

People are looking for the company that can answer their questions without a great deal of hassle. The company that is best able to showcase this through their videos will definitely get the attention of new customers online.

Ads on TV rely on production gloss in order to sell. The medium requires a certain amount of production outlay before an ad can even be deemed plausible. This is not the case for online corporate video.

Online corporate video can be shot with an HD commercial hand held camera as long as the content is there. Commercial standards have become so improved that any one can get their hands on a camera that is able to adequately shoot an online video that can be viewed as professional. It is really all about the content inside.

2. Pack more information into a short amount of time.

Brevity is highly rewarded with more customer retention in online videos. It is also rewarded with more attention from the major search engines. The major search engines now index videos in terms of time. Videos between 4 and 20 minutes have the least amount of competition in most industries. If your video falls within this timeline, you are much more likely to achieve a high ranking in the major search engines. This means more online visibility for your company instantly.

3. Upload a script.

Another way that you can help the major search engines index your videos and bring them to the proper customers is to upload a written script. This option is given to you by many of the major search engines. Many of those services have closed captioning services that have not been fully rendered yet. This means that if you leave the audio translation up to the search engines, you may see a lot of mistakes and a great deal of mis-indexing. To make sure that you get it right, upload your own to help out.

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