Friday, September 28, 2012

Marketing for Introverted Health Coaches: How to Get More Business Than Extroverts

Are you a holistic health practitioner who is tired of being seen as being "quiet", "shy", or "slow"? As if you are less desirable or less valued than those who are extroverted? Maybe you're someone who contemplates things before you say them. You don't like to say much unless you have something really important to say. To recharge, you enjoy spending time alone rather than with a crowd of people. Chances are that you are an introvert.

As an introverted holistic health practitioner, have you wondered whether these qualities are stopping you from getting business? Extroverts love to socialize in large groups and draw attention to themselves. They have an easier time talking to a bunch of new people and being the life of a party than introverts do. In our society, an extraverted nature is often viewed as being more favored as an introverted nature (even though introverts are just as intelligent). As a result, they may attract clients more easily than introverts.

Another reason for this is that a lot of the training available for marketing a holistic business is focused on learning how to "be out there" and get known, so business will come to you. You are taught to go to events/conferences and put yourself out there. It's suggested that you talk to people you don't know about your business. Give them free things and then eventually they will become a client.

The problem is that most of these marketing strategies about getting known are taught by extroverts. Yet 30-50% of the population are introverts. And they're overlooked. It is never considered that maybe the strategies taught by extroverts don't work for introverts because they go against the natural style of introverts.

When introverted holistic health practitioners hear what they should or shouldn't do when learning how to market their practice, they either 1) get excited about the possibilities and then don't take any action, 2) feel like it's not for them and don't do anything.

The key is to use your introverted nature as an advantage. Introverts are creative, introspective, and can command presence when they speak up. Because they are more likely to have fewer friends and deeper relationships, they can use that natural style when developing relationships with potential clients.

If you've found yourself procrastinating marketing, consider that you may be procrastinating because you're not using your natural style to determine the marketing strategies to use. Determine your natural style, create a strategy that works, and do it well. Do it consistently. You will get even more business than extroverts.

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