Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hunting For A Job Is A Numbers Game You Must Win

Once I was talking to a client of mine. She was talking about how she had just graduated from college and had begun her job search. I asked her how it was going, and she'd mentioned that she had sent on one resume the previous weekend. I almost choked on my doughnut. One resume? I didn't know how to tell her this, but at that rate, of sending out one resume per week, she'd be lucky to find a job before she retired.

Think of it this way. Every job that opens up, especially today, is going to be hit with a flood of resumes. If you can apply online, that means they'll get at least a hundred, perhaps more than a thousand. That means in order to get even a response, you've got to really stand out. Stand out as in make yourself look different from everybody else that is applying for the job there.

There's two ways to think about this. One is to get as many skills as you possibly can. Write your resume as powerfully and persuasively as possible. Give yourself every chance of making yourself stand out.

But let's be honest. If you were a hiring manager, would you sort through all those applications? Probably not. You'd go through until you got ten decent candidates to follow up with. The rest wouldn't even be looked at. It's as much about timing as it is about anything else.

Is all hope lost? Of course not. While it's important to continuously fine tune your resume so you look as good as you possibly can. But it's also important to send out your resume to pretty much anybody with an email address. You just never know.

If you're really serious, or desperate, about getting a job, you shouldn't be shy about sending out applications. You should be sending out at least ten a day. Every single day. That's 300 a month. That will give you a fighting chance. The more you send out, the better. Any body that contacts you, even if it's for a job you don't want, or don't think you're qualified for, respond anyway. Go for an interview. Talk to them on the phone. Every time you talk to somebody about a job, any job, that's more skills you'll learn.

And sometimes, the person with the most job hunting skills is the one that's going to get the job. Because after all, most companies will train you in their own way anyhow.

So just send out as many resumes as you possibly can, and never give up.

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