Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Use Resume Examples To Write The Perfect Resume

The job market is getting more and more competitive. There may be thousands of candidates applying for one position, and that is adding to the competition. The people who have the strongest resumes are the ones who are most likely to get the job of their dreams. Before job seekers start writing their resume, they should look at resume examples on the Internet. They should also use some of the following tips:

Do not use pronouns

When people are writing resumes, it is obvious that they are referring to themselves.

That is why there is no need to use pronouns on a resume. "I demonstrated professionalism and competence while I worked in high-pressure situations" is not the type of sentence that people want to write on their resume. "Demonstrated professionalism and competence by working in high-pressure situations" is a better statement for a resume.

Be as detailed as possible

People want to make sure that they are as detailed as possible when they are writing their resume. "I worked for four years as a janitor" is an example of a very vague description. "During four years as a janitor, supervised and trained 10 new janitors" is a much better statement.

Shorter sentences are better

People should avoid writing very long sentences on their resume. Shorter sentences really are better. In fact, the statements do not even have to be written in complete sentences.

Showcase your talents

The purpose of the resume is to provide a summary of one's skills and accomplishments. That is why people should not forget to list all of their abilities, accomplishments and accolades. Employers are looking for someone who stands out from all of the other people who are trying to get the same position. There may be one thing on a person's resume that puts him or her a step above the competition.

For example, two people are trying to get a job as a pediatrician at a clinic. They both graduated from Harvard with 4.0 GPAs. However, one of these people spent time volunteering at a hospital in South Africa. The person who volunteered will be most likely to get the position.

Make sure that you can back up your qualities

When people list positive qualities about themselves on their resume, they should make sure that they are able to back up their claims. For example, a person puts on the resume that he or she is very creative. This person should list work and life experiences that demonstrate his or her creativity. Anyone can create a long list of qualities, but again, it is important for people to be able to back up those claims.

Words to avoid using on a resume

There are several words and phrases that a person should not use on a resume. Responsible for, detailed-oriented, experience working in, hard-working and references available upon request are examples of some of those phrases and words. They are cliché, and clichés should be avoided when writing resumes.

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  1. Your suggestions are very useful for making a good resume. I have read all the points you have share with us, which are very small things but it can change the whole appearance of person through their resume.