Monday, September 17, 2012

How To Consider Effective Promotional Clothing Options

The use of promotional clothing as a marketing tool is a trend which continues to grow and expand in increasingly creative ways. Most people are very familiar with the basic promotional logo t-shirts commonly distributed by large companies at corporate picnics and other events, as these were among the first promotional garments to become popular. As more business owners discover that not only are these wearable advertisements inexpensive when purchased in bulk, but they also give a sense of camaraderie to all of the employees in the workplace, the clothing advertising industry continues to expand and develop greatly.

Naturally it's in the best interest of a company to design promotional attire that's as comfortable and enjoyable for people to wear as possible; in this way employees and others are more likely to wear them more often and thereby generate more free advertising. With this principle in mind, promotional wear is becoming more stylish and highly customizable. Companies can have their logos and slogans printed on nearly everything imaginable from t-shirts to underwear. When considering the type of promotional attire to get for your business, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Embroidery outlasts and looks better than basic screen printing.

While some companies prefer screen printed designs since they are often less expensive than custom embroidery, keep in mind that this kind of clothing also looks cheap and therefore subtly sends the wrong message about your company. In advertising, it's always best to offer something that appears valuable, even if it's casual wear. Even a polyester, sleeveless singlet or polo shirt that one could workout in has more appeal with an embroidered company logo over the upper chest area; if an oversized company logo is cheaply screen printed on the front middle area of the shirt it makes the wearer look and feel too much like a walking billboard. Screen printed logos also wash and wear off of clothing over time too, whereas embroidered designs tend to last as long as the clothing articles themselves. It's highly recommended that companies who insist on printed designs try using more specialised silkscreen printing, which lasts longer than the average screen printing.

Consider what the target audience and employees wear most often.

Jackets are a great example of frequently worn promotional clothing, especially in cooler climates. Since people readily throw on a jacket over any other outfit they wear, an advertisement and logo displayed on a jacket get higher amounts of exposure to the public. Some companies, such as those of the motorcycle industry for example, order black leather jackets with their embroidered logo on it. Fleece hoodies with custom embroidery have great appeal as well, particularly among a younger crowd. A wide range of people also enjoy wearing zipped sweatshirts, zipped fleece sweaters, and other weatherproof jackets as well. Business jackets are ideal for high-profile companies and can readily be incorporated into the company uniform. Those who live in rainy climates can consider purchasing customized ponchos, which are less expensive and would also get a good amount of use. In hotter climates, offering customized board shorts with a striking company design is a guaranteed way to get lots of free public advertisement.

Companies offering comfortable, attractive, stylish and practical promotional apparel are the most likely to get the greatest amount of brand visibility.

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