Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Custom Pens Can Make You Look Like A Success

A custom pen can help you improve the reputation of your business. This is because you can make a design that will simply wow anyone who sees it. When you think of a pen that a successful businessman uses, what do you usually think of? You probably are thinking of a golden pen that costs thousands of dollars to create. Cheap custom pens can create that same look for your small business.

Silver Or Gold Pens Make You Look Like You Have Made Some Money

You can order silver or gold pens for just a few dollars online. It is an easy color to fake or embellish with some different polishing effects. Machines can make your pens look fancy without having to spend too much money on them. If you want, you can get some gold or silver glitter at the dollar store to make the surface of the pen shine when you use it.

The Font Sells The Look Of Success

A cursive font on your pen makes it look like the business owner is a sophisticated person. Times New Roman is not going to cut it here. Try to make it look like the pen was made back in the 1800s and used by a member of royalty. You can use clip art or go online to look at fonts that will look fancy and elegant.

What Name Will You Use On Your Pen

Sometimes it takes little more than a name to make you look a lot more successful than you really are. Try to add a title after your name. Esquire works really well for almost any type of business. If you have been knighted, putting the your royal title as part of your full name will impress your clients. Think about adding a title after your business name as well. If your business has incorporated, putting that after your business name can make you sound like a credible company.

Include The Year That Your Company Was Founded

If your company has been open for many years, include the date in which it was founded. Customers working with a company that has been around since 1940 will know that it will not be going out of business anytime soon. It also shows that it has been successful if it has been in operation for several decades. People who are doing business with you will perceive you as someone who knows what he is doing. That is always a win when you are trying to build your customer base.

A customized pen will make you look and feel like a successful businessperson. Gold and silver are two colors that are always associated with money. However, you don't have to use real gold or silver to get the effect that you want. To complement this look, use an elegant font to write your fancy title as owner of the business. You are not just selling your goods when dealing with customers. You are also selling yourself as part of the package.

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