Saturday, September 22, 2012

Corporate Video For Business Marketing

Well produced videos are quickly moving away from being a marketing luxury to becoming a necessity for businesses. People are much less inclined to read the text on a site or listen to the podcast of an unknown company. They will, however, watch corporate videos if the production of the video is well done.

In terms of online marketing, corporate video production is actually a misnomer - it is not just for corporations. As a matter of fact, the term does not even mean the same thing. Internet users are not looking for the slickest, glossiest video that they can find. The standards for looking good on the Web are much different than on TV.

The methods of production have also been greatly improved for the Internet. It is now possible to create a fully rendered professional video on a commercial HD home camera and compete with companies that have millions of dollars in their marketing budgets. This is all made possible by the Internet user who is more concerned about the flow of new information than he is about the pretence of gloss in a video.

Large corporations are often finding themselves at a loss when they look on social media hubs and see unknown local businesses quickly gaining ground on them in terms of visibility and brand recognition because of their videos. Those businesses that incorporate technologies such as QR codes to translate online traffic into offline traffic are especially savvy, because QR codes are free as well as the production of web videos (after the initial outlay for the HD camera).

The new age of corporate video adheres to a different standard. This standard is a standard of information, not gloss. In order to make a successful online marketing video for your company, you must be sure that the information that you are giving in that video is entertaining and unique. What do you know that no one else in your industry can tell a customer? What information can you give to them that no one else can? This is the content that you need to put in your video that will keep you in competition with the biggest movers and shakers in your industry.

Many companies that do production for corporate videos also offer actors and scripts if you are having trouble coming up with a format for your message. To be successful with the production of corporate videos in the modern business world, know that content marketing is the Kking.

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  1. Awesome idea. Video marketing is probably the most under-utilized form of marketing nowadays. It's as effective as any form of marketing that we have today, and more people should be able to take advantage of its powers.