Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Common Services Offered In A Jewelry Store

When it comes to pieces of jewelry, there are many stores and dealers everywhere. They provide a number of services to people of different ages and preferences. There are establishments that offer the same services to their customers. Let's get to know some of these common services offered at a jewelry store.

We know that these stores always deal with precious stones and metals set on each piece. However, they also carry out a number of other activities that involve these precious items. Customizing pieces is a service that they engage in on a daily basis. There have been countless of times that customers have asked their jewelers to create them a piece using their choice of stones and metals.

If you've ever wondered where people get their rings, bracelets and even earrings engraved with symbols, names and words, then you don't have to look further because your local jeweler can do that job in a matter of hours. Clients will have to provide them with information on the type of engraving needed and they can have their wish granted. Engraved items are great gift ideas that clients can give to their loved ones.

Customization involves several procedures. For starters, you cannot walk into a shop and buy custom made pieces at once. This is impossible because the store needs to get details and specifications from you on what materials would be used as well as its design before they can start processing it. Some people want their names written on their bracelets and rings while others only want their initials on it.

When you have come up with the design and specifications of the piece, the attendant will be giving you a quote on how much your ordered piece would cost. If the customer is intent on buying it, some stores will have to ask for a deposit and the rest of the balance can be paid when they piece is already available.

Weddings often demand a customized piece to be created especially since the couple will need to have their wedding bands made. The couple will have to spend some time with their chosen jeweler to finalize the designs of their bands. They will then be asked to come back on a certain date to pick their orders up.

The cost of customizing a piece will depend on the complexity of the design and the kind of metal used. Gold, silver and bronze are some of the more expensive metals in the market. Aside from customizing pieces, a good jewelry store can also provide gift wrapping and delivery services. A client can come and order a piece to be sent to someone as a gift and these stores can deliver it for them.

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