Thursday, September 13, 2012

Commercial Flood Protection And Why Your Business May Need It

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Most small businesses do not worry much about flood protection or water damage. While it is not unusual for people to build their homes near to a river, most businesses need large amounts of relatively inexpensive land where they can expand, store their inventory, and provide customers with ample parking and space to do business. As such, most commercial areas are located well inland from water, with residential areas between the two. So why should commercial operations buy commercial flood protection when they are so far from the water?

The answer is that the water will invariably come to them. From severe weather damage to rising tides to improperly drained swamps, commercial areas located well away from routinely flooded areas remain at risk of water damage. Even in areas where floods are unheard of, a leaky roof, broken pipe or backed up toilet can do extensive water and flood damage, necessitating expensive repairs. Water is a nefarious source of damage, and even though it may do no serious physical damage to wood and drywall, the mold and mildew it brings can cause serious long-term problems. Mildew can be very expensive to remove, and its presence can result in significant long-term problems if not removed immediately. Most notably, it can erode and decay drywall, causing it to disintegrate while filling the air with potentially toxic spores.

As such, it is important for any business to maintain some degree of flood protection. While it generally does not need to be as in depth or all-encompassing as residential flood protection, flood protection is a surefire way of protecting your business from water problems big or small. The removal and treatment of water damage can be painfully expensive, and the long-term effects of a flood may shut your business down for an extended period. This is especially true if your business involves food items, books or other materials, which can be ruined permanently by both water and the mildew that comes after the water is gone. In some cases, they can even pay for "emergency service" to come in and clean up the damage overnight and before opening time the next day.

Thanks to government and regulatory intervention, commercial flood protection is very affordable and covers both the removal of water and the elimination of molds and other invaders that come in its wake. Most flood protection plans also extend to lost inventory, allowing you to restock what you have lost without dipping into money you intended to use on improvements, investments or other aspects. This helps your business to quickly recover after a flood, whether it is natural or man-made in origin. Since lost productivity and time is lost profits, this can help ensure that your business does not become marginal - or worse, bankrupt - because of flooding.

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