Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Footwear This Winter

From snow-covered sidewalks to chilly houses, it is always a challenge for women to keep their feet warm and dry during the winter. Even walking from the house to the car on a blustery winter day can result in damp feet. The problem usually is, for women to keep their feet dry their sense-of-style tends to suffer. However, this is no longer the case as many varieties of slippers and wellies are very complementary.

Black wellies are the perfect solution to the problem of cold or damp feet. They are most often made of rubber and protect the feet from water when the ground is wet. They are perfect for a walking to work on a cold winter day. They also work nicely to keep a woman's feet warm while walking the dog, working outside or even horseback riding.

Thankfully, nowadays women can find attractive black wellies that will complement any winter outfit. Gone are the days when wellies were big, unattractive boots that looked as if they belonged to our grandfathers. Now, they are made to be stylish and add to an outfit instead of taking from it. Choosing a colour and pattern of wellies that fits their style is the best way for women to incorporate them into her wardrobe. Snow is not a requirement in order to wear wellies. Rainy days offer another opportunity for wearing wellies. That is why they are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Now that we have found wellies are necessary for outdoor use during the winter, let's move on to what to do when indoors. Slippers are a perfect way for women to stay warm and cosy while indoors. Let's face it, in the winter even the inside of a house can be uncomfortably cold. Slippers offer a great way to stay warm and can be a fashion statement as well. Why walk around the house in ugly socks when slippers offer much more style and flare? They come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics, so all women are able to find some they like. They are another must-have item to keep feet warm and dry during winter.

These are two great additions to any winter wardrobe. Wellies and slippers both serve to make winter more bearable by keeping feet warm and dry. Women would do themselves a great service to incorporate each of them into their winter wardrobes.

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