Friday, September 28, 2012

Basics Of Corporate Video Production For Business

The standards for video production, at least corporate video production online, has changed dramatically in the past five years.

In a post Penguin world, the content of any marketing is much more important than the way in which it is presented. The new customer of the next decade by and large is looking online for new businesses to patronize. This new, more savvy customer is much less concerned with the traditional methods of production that go into a video. This new consumer is much more concerned about the flow of information from that video to him or herself.

Adhering to this new type of content marketing is the way in which small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe are competing with large businesses with multimillion dollar marketing budgets. Short videos that are full of information that is highly relevant to niche audiences are quickly becoming the norm online. These videos often do not have the special effects or glossy postproduction techniques that are usually associated with successful corporate videos. What they do have is incredible bits of information that are highly relevant to the people watching.

In short, to be successful with the production of your corporate video in the modern business landscape, know that content marketing is king.

The second major point that you must know about the basics of producing a video for your Corporation is that your video must be optimized in the same way that you would optimize text on your site. The major search engines are now becoming more savvy when it comes to indexing videos and delivering them to the audiences for whom they were intended.

One major way to quickly improve your audience online is to take advantage of the closed captioning feature that is on many video sharing sites. Although search engine indexing tools are far from being able to decipher a human voice, they are now able to index a video based on the keywords that are in the written script. Many of the major video sharing sites now allow you to upload this script. Savvy business video producers are taking the time to do this and are reaping incredible rewards.

Another way to optimize your video is to place it in the time category where there is the least competition. Before you produce the video, take a look at how long the videos for your competition are. Go the path of least resistance. Search engines now separate videos by length.

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