Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Web Marketing Agency Can Help Bring Out Your Business Website's Personality

In this internet age, it is not merely optional for your business to have a solid online presence -- it is essential. More people than ever are doing business via the web, and in order to compete, having an interesting and engaging web presence for your business is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, a web design agency can help you with this.

These days it is not enough for a website to merely be functional. To really stand out among the crowd, ideally your website will also have some personality and something about it that people will remember. You'll want style and maybe even some eye-catching elements blended with a functional and user-friendly design. If you don't feel comfortable creating this sort of website yourself, a web design agency can always offer assistance.

One example of a really well-done business website answering all of these criteria quite well is the Levi-Strauss website at This website expertly combines a professional look and feel along with an organized layout and stunning, well-composed photos and images. The website design honors and pays homage to this time-honored American brand while adding a contemporary feel and flair to the website. The website conveys trustworthiness and integrity of this classic brand while bringing a modern style to it as well.

Another example of a really well done website is the Fender guitars site at / Fender guitars are well-known in the music industry as the top-rated, top quality instruments behind many classic songs and albums. The Fender guitar has an excellent reputation and an almost legendary status in the music world. It is a favorite choice among many top musicians. Their website does an excellent job of conveying the energy of the brand throughout, with clean lines and well-composed photos that have dynamic compositions.

Another website that has nearly worldwide brand recognition is the Apple computer website at It captures the personality of the brand perfectly. With sleek lines and a simplicity that conveys elegance, visiting this website almost has the feel of using one of the Apple products. There is an excellent blend of functionality, solid information and contemporary design combined in this website that mimics the experience of using an Apple product quite well.

These are just three websites that epitomize success in merging functionality with conveying the personality of a business. If you feel that your business website doesn't quite measure up to these standards, it might be time to engage the help of digital marketing services to help you achieve them. A web marketing agency can be just what is needed to help your business website generate impact that will cause you to really stand out from the crowd.

Russell Davies is the owner of Lobster Digital Marketing, a Cardiff based multi-disciplinary on-line marketing company that specialises in helping small businesses leaverage the internet to promote themselves. Find out more information about Lobster at

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