Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Sticker Marketing Disaster in New York, Plus Tips for Your Flyers

Effective marketing campaigns attract attention to businesses. However, the type of attention received is not always what the company had in mind.

In New York City, the owner of the computer application Pozzle decided to get clever with his marketing. He decided to put about 1,000 stickers all over the city in public places. He and another employee were putting out stickers at 2 am one night when a New York police officer arrested them.

The man, Rich Tu, spend 24 hours in the police station, with armed robbers, drunks and other sorts of people. Eventually, he was released and sentenced to doing 21 hours of community service in the city.

In the end, it turned out that Tu's derailed sticker project still did his company a lot of good. Now, Pozzle has 300% more users and several partnership deals have been signed.

Of course, not every marketing campaign will turn out quite like this. You can engage in effective marketing campaigns with low cost, printed materials that do not get you in any trouble with the law!

For example, with a good printing company, you can design and print a highly effective flyer that will set your firm apart from other companies. To make your flyer the most effective, we recommend that you do the following:

Try to write the most powerful headline that you can. Spend most of your time on writing this critical passage. Then, keep the rest of the copy as simple as you can. Too much information is going to make people lose interest.

Go into your flyer with a single call to action. Do you want them to cut out a coupon? Call the company for a discount? Go to the website to order? Never forget to include several ways for the customer to contact you - address, website, phone number and email.

Use the most common, easily read fonts that you can. We recommend that you use either Times Roman or Arial. Large print should be used, and there should be a good deal of space between each word and line so they can be read from afar.

Have a good graphic or two, but do not go overboard. Having too many pretty images is going to take away from your message in most cases.

Use good color, but not too much. Red, yellow, blue and green are effective for getting attention, but do not use too many colors or you will distract from your marketing message

Try to test out your flyer before you have a mass printing done. You can put a copy of it in your business window, or give a few to customers and ask for some feedback. This will ensure that you do not blow a large amount of money on an ineffective flyer.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you will be able to have a great deal of success in your next print marketing campaign. But be sure to not break the law!

Lawrence Reaves writes for an online printing company that creates a variety of custom labels including business cards and shipping labels. For more information on Mavrick Label go here

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