Friday, September 14, 2012

6 Ways Your Business Is The Brains Of Your Operation

Brains? Operation? Yikes. Sounds a little medical, wouldn't you say, but for a moment, think of your business as that big muscle between your ears: Let's call it "The brain of your operation".

The human brain has many compartments; each has a function, including:

• The Frontal Lobe: controls reasoning, planning, parts of speech and movement (motor cortex), emotions, and problem-solving.
• The Parietal Lobe: controls perception of stimuli related to touch, pressure, temperature, and pain.
• The Temporal Lobe: controls perception and recognition of auditory stimuli (hearing) and memory.
• The Occipital Lobe: controls vision.
• The Brainstem controls functions such as heart rate, breathing, digestive processes, and sleeping.
• The Cerebellum: controls skilled, repetitive movements; balance and posture
• The Wernicke's area: controls language development
• The Broca's area: controls speech

Your "Business Brain" also has compartments much like the human brain and each has a function. Six of these parts include:
• Mastery
• Niche
• Leverage
• Team
• Synergy
• Results

Mastery: Mastery is about delivering profitably, productively, and informatively enough to make solid decisions.

There's more to "I will Master" than what meets the "I", including mastering:
• Money
• Profit margins
• Reporting
• Testing and measuring
• Delivery
• Time
• Goals
• Self mastery

Niche: Niche relates to your market uniqueness. What makes you stand out, valuable, memorable, and both needed and wanted by your customers?

Leverage: Leverage is about putting systems in place to handle everything. You might be surprised at how many business owners don't have effective business systems in place.

Leverage Systems include:
• Structure Leverage
• Organizational Chart Leverage
• Position Contracts Leverage . . .and so much more.

Team: T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More. Teams require training! There's an art, clearly, to acquiring one's dream team. Your dream team can turn customers into referring machines. They are the face of your company. The voice. The connection.

The six steps to a winning team include:
1. Strong leadership
2. Common goals
3. Established rules of the game
4. A solid action plan
5. Acceptance of risk taking
6. 100% involvement and inclusion

When all parts of the "brain" are working, synergy and results occur.

Synergy: Synergy is everything coming together. Strong problem-solving skills are crucial. Synergy is about keeping on track while building new tracks, new paths, and new opportunities.

Results: One can't know the results of something unless a goal or plan has been put into place and each step has been measured and tested.

By breaking your business brain into these six manageable compartments, you can determine what parts are doing their job and where some improvements are needed.

Your heart, by the way, tells your brain what to do, so make sure your heart is in the right place and that you're feeding your brain what it needs to properly function in the areas of mastery, niche, leverage, team, synergy, and results.

What happens with a lot of business owners is that they know something isn't quite right, but they aren't sure exactly what it is. Like many, they're afraid to "go in for testing", fearing what the results might be. I liken this kind of thinking to maintaning my car. I know it needs a tuning, but get fearful that something else more serious might be wrong with it, and sometimes put off making the call for an appointment.

Like a tune up, the sooner you treat a challenge, the better. So, think of your business like the brains of the operation and recognize that a brain can only funtion if it's properly fed, challenged, and protected. Also remember that you are not alone. A business coach has all the necessary tools available to you to ensure your "operation" runs has what it needs in place to run smoothly.

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