Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Things Successful Business Owners Do

We often ogle at the success of some business owners and wonder what it is about the way they do business that make them so successful. True successes are just like everyone else - except that they have a different attitude about work that makes them click in the business world.

Some of their traits, we already have, but there are just some things successful owners do that set them apart from every other ordinary business owner who is dreaming of success.

Below is a list of some of the things true successes do. Find out how many of them you also do on a conscious basis.

Think- especially under pressure. Successful business owners don't panic when faced with stressful situations. They pause and think about the situation, evaluate options, get other people's feedback, and then come up with a solution. They don't run around like headless chickens aimlessly - their actions and reactions are based on solid facts, and are properly thought of. Business owners shouldn't blindly start businesses just because they have brains - successful business owners have brains - AND USE THEM.

Develop good work habits and attitudes. There's a world of difference between a person who can start and fund a business as against one who can actually run it and bring it to its full potential. The truth is - most small businesses fail because some business owners have not mastered great work ethics and attitudes which are too valuable to the effective running of a business. It's something that affects a business from top to bottom - basic procedures, customer service, quality of goods, decision making - everything must be done with basic good work habits. Some of these good habits are:

Focus. Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to focus their attention on important projects and see them done- well. Once their priorities are set, successful businesspeople refuse to switch from task to task randomly.

Highlight your strengths, not your weaknesses

Be willing to take calculated risks. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Halt mistakes on its tracks, stop the damage immediately.

Recognise opportunities when they manifest. Opportunities are everywhere -it's just that most people can't see them.

Don't let criticism crush your spirit.

Don't tackle a problem you suspect will happen when it has already happened. Think of each transaction as your opportunity to impress a stranger. Once you create some doubt on the mind of a client, you'll never be able to live it down completely.

Ask for business. If you really care about your business, you shouldn't be embarrassed to approach people to ask for business. What bad will this do you? Nothing, actually, save for a little embarrassment. But don't make the mistake of thinking that you can succeed in business without asking for it. Let everyone know what you do. Give everyone a card. Let everyone know that they can call you for a free initial consultation. If you think all your efforts will be taken advantage of, then think again. Most people who avail of freebies feel obligated to patronize your business either because they're impressed, or they feel obligated. Either way, you get a chance to prove to them that you and your business are great.

Persist. Successful business owners persist despite hardships. They keep pushing - even in good times. They are not complacent, and they always think that it's okay to work hard even when they are already successful. Remember that in business, there will be good days, and there will be bad. It always pays to be ready for the bad days. It's okay to pray for a good harvest, but keep tilling the land.

Determine your goal, then systematically overcome your obstacles. The downfall of most business owners is not the failure to reach their goal, but failing to have a goal to work for. Nothing stands in the way of success but you and you alone. Only you have the power to push beyond the expected, to strive and jump over hurdles and obstacles. The only actual challenges you face are the preconceived ones you have in your head.

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