Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trade Show Displays

Professional exhibitors at trade shows know that ensuring they have the most suitable display modules that fit the type of goods and services they offer is one of the most important aspects for promoting their company profile.

Although your visitors won't be staring directly at your display modules, sub-consciously they will form part of the overall picture that builds up in your visitors mind. The displays need to be eye-catching, even stunning, so your company is placed in the spotlight at the trade show and draws visitors directly to you.

Today the number of display options available is practically endless, and so is the amount of money that can be spent on them. There are pop-up displays, banner displays, truss displays and more. You can choose hybrid display booths and counters along with any type of flooring to enhance your display area. It doesn't matter whether the trade show is set to be held inside or outside, there are displays and booths to suit all conditions.

If you are traveling from one trade show to another then a pop-up display is perfect. As the name suggests, it pops-up making it easy to transport and very easy to set up. Banner stands are another popular choice for those traveling around. Lightweight, easy to carry and to set up, they are just perfect for areas where space is a little tight.

Modern hybrid displays are increasing in popularity and are now probably the closest to a regular display booth. The difference is they are flexible and can adjust to fit the space you need; if you have a large area at one trade show then you can add modules to the display to make it larger and if the area is small then you can remove some of the modules easily.

Tension fabric displays look great. The stretch-fabric fits tightly over the main framework and then you can fix your display items to the fabric.

Truss display stands are more complex and suitable for areas where there is more space. The framework is interchangeable allowing you to effectively design the look and shape of the display each time you set up. It means that each time you set up you can have a slightly different shape, yet everything else remains the same, making your booth recognizable.

Don't forget the importance of good flooring. It provides the finishing touch and can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, carpet, matting and many more. It's always wise to choose flooring that's padded; remember, visitors to your booth will have spent most the day on their feet and they will become very tired as the day progresses. A soft padded floor will ease the tiredness and may therefore mean that you get more opportunities for new business.

Whatever your budget and whatever size of space you require, you can be sure that there is just the right booth display for you which will enhance your companies profile and therefore increase new business.

Lawrence Reaves writes for Monster Display, a company that offers a selections of tradeshow displays and accessories. For more information about tradeshow display visit

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