Thursday, August 30, 2012

Men's Shorts Go with Cargo

If you're shopping for shorts for the summer, take the time to consider cargo shorts. In the men's shorts market, cargos are some of the most popular styles around, and for good reason. Durable, comfortable and practical, they offer the perfect solution to any summer wardrobe problem.

People often think of cargo trousers and shorts as being heavy, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, the term "cargo" simply refers to the style, not the material, so you can still have the same great look but without worrying that your shorts will be heavy or uncomfortable. Look for 100% cotton men's shorts that are lightweight yet hard-wearing and come with all the features you'd expect from this style of clothing - great looks and useful styling.

Pockets are a big feature of cargo shorts. Those useful cargo pockets are perfect for carrying round your essential items, including your phone, money and keys. That's because they are secure and in just the right place both for you to access them and to deter potential pickpockets. Seaming styles give cargo shorts an almost-military look, whilst other details like brass buttons and secure belt loops give you real confidence in the quality of these classic men's shorts.

You'll also need to think about comfort. Summer is a time for outdoor pursuits, so the men's shorts you choose need to be comfortable in a range of environments - from sitting on the beach to long walks or leisurely bike rides. Cargo shorts are available in a range of weights and with a variety of waistband options - including a standard flat band, adjustable fit and elasticated. It's always worth trying some shorts out to see what works best for you - once you know, you can buy your shorts in-store or online in the knowledge that you're getting the best fit for you.

And check out the range of styles and options available. Not all cargo shorts are the same - some are designed specifically for travelling, whilst others are more fashion items than activity shorts. Think about how and where you're going to wear them, so that you make the right choice first time, and look for reliable brands that specialise in casual clothing and have the pedigree to offer quality men's shorts at affordable prices. That way, you'll be able to get your hands on the very best cargo shorts for you.

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