Friday, August 31, 2012

Innovation And Comfort Among Cherokee Scrubs

Like any major purchase, customers always want the most for their money. When choosing a brand name, whether that be a television or a car, customers have certain expectations and every company should be meeting consumer demands. Otherwise, what is the point of spending a bit more on brand names if the quality is just as poor as the knock-off?

This sentiment reigns true in the medical profession, more specifically in the area of medical scrubs. Medical scrubs may seem like a minute piece in the entire scope of medicine and its equipment, but it is still an important piece nonetheless. Medical scrubs protect professionals, keep them comfortable, sterile, and ideally, a bit cleaner. When it comes time to choose a brand, many in the field turn to Cherokee scrubs. Cherokee established a name for itself in the industry as early as 1972. Through dedication and fashion-forward thinking, Cherokee has become a household name among healthcare professionals. In recent nationwide surveys, Cherokee scrubs is ranked in the top ten strongest brands for women's medical apparel. Cherokee is not geared solely towards women, however. They have numerous collections for both men and women.

With high acclamations in tote, Cherokee has taken this recognition and used it as inspiration when it approaches the design and manufacture of new scrubs and accessories. Durability and functionality rank highest in their approach. Clothing may be viewed as a form of expression, but with a uniform, the clothing serves a purpose. And that purpose is to create distinguished attire for the staff and keep them clean and comfortable while they do their job. Through testing and high standards, professionals can feel at ease knowing their attire will last more than a month of constant use. Cherokee works with a panel of nurses who give them feedback on both new products and industry trends.

Although fashion is not number one on the list of important features, it is still a concern. Long gone are the days of just white or green Cherokee scrubs. Cherokee is proud to produce new designs and unique patterns. Who said wearing a uniform has to be boring and drab these days? From an array of bright solid colors to heartwarming prints, Cherokee scrubs stand out from the competition.

Cherokee has even branched out into footwear. Considering that healthcare workers spend much of the day on their feet, it was a natural progression for the company. Their footwear, like their scrubs, provides support and comfort all day long.

By listening to customers and implementing new ideas, Cherokee scrubs easily stand out in the world of medical attire.

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