Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Market Your Company With Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers have been around for more than 50 years, and they are more popular than ever. As far as marketing goes, bumper stickers can have a really positive impact on your business. No matter how 'old hat' you might think bumper stickers are, there are still many excellent reasons to use bumper stickers to sell your products. Read on to learn how.

First, a great thing about this form of marketing is that it is not static. That is, it is not sitting in one place. With most ads, you have to be in a certain spot to see the ad - be it on a computer, on a billboard, or staring at a TV. With a bumper sticker, obviously, the ad travels around and attracts new attention all of the time. If you have your bumper sticker ads on cars that are driven a lot, you can get your ad in front of many new pairs of eyes every day. And, people do have a tendency to check out the stickers that other people have on their cars. If you design your sticker well enough, you really can get a lot of attention for your business.

Next, these stickers may be printed in bulk quantity and you can keep them in stock to pass out to your past customers. If you just get one sale from a bumper sticker ad, the return is going to far outweigh what that bumper sticker cost you to print. These great mobile ads really can be an inexpensive and effective way to promote your good or service.

Also, the space on a bumper sticker is pretty much open to say whatever you want. You might just put the name of your company on the ad, or you can come up with some sort of catchy phrase. Also, you might consider doing some sort of political ad if your product is of a more political nature.

When you are designing your bumper sticker, you should think about what sort of company you are and what your product is. What your niche is could affect how you design the ad. If you are selling a tech product, you may consider having your sticker look very modern and slick. Or, if you sell antiques, think about have a sticker that has a more homey and friendly feel. What you need to do is to take that small amount of space and communicate as clearly as you can with your target audience.

Even though we see these stickers on cars all of the time, there is no doubt at all that they are a very effective way of advertising. If you design a bumper sticker that is clever or strikes a chord with your audience, you really could boost your sales. You should consider giving away bumper stickers in your store to everyone who comes in, and you should mail them to all of your current customers. In this way, you can do a very effective, low-cost advertising campaign.

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