Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fun Shoes for Summer

As you create your summer wardrobe, picking out the right pair of sandals for your wardrobe is essential. The theme this summer is Boho chic, and leather sandals compliment this look perfectly. You should try to find a few pairs of leather sandals to add to your wardrobe to create any summer look that you have. Sandals are not only comfortable for walking around the beach or around the town for a day out shopping, but they also make any woman look chic and sophisticated.

The gladiator sandal has been a popular choice for the past few summers. This style just can't seem to leave the world of fashion. The gladiator sandal features a strap of leather that closes around the ankle, and this sandal looks hot with any look. Whether you are wearing a flirty cocktail dress or pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt, the gladiator sandal is sure to impress. You can wear a pair of gladiator sandals out for a party on the beach or to the hottest nightclub in town and still look like a model from the pages of Vogue.

If you want some inspiration as you create your fashion looks with gladiator heels, take a look at the way Halle Berry rocks the gladiator sandal. Halle Berry has been seen wearing gladiator sandals with a pair of khaki shorts and simple tank top. When you wear gladiators with a casual look, the key is to keep the look simple. Don't overload on jewelry or designer handbags. The more simple you keep this look, the more attention you can draw to the amazing pair of gladiators that you are wearing in your look. If you simply must wear an accessory, then choose a watch to complete your look. Wearing a gold watch adds to the military feel of the gladiator look. Whether she is on the red carpet of the streets of Beverly Hills, Halle Berry is the poster child for gladiator sandals.

Another way to wear gladiators is with a fancy dress. You can go in the complete opposite direction with this type of shoe and wear it on the red carpet for a gorgeous look. Just take a look at the ways that Halle Berry has rocked her gladiator sandals on the red carpet. She has worn her pair of gladiators with a chic black dress on the red carpet and has looked stunning. A one-shouldered dress tends to look gorgeous with a pair of gladiator sandals. This type of look will make you look like a Greek goddess who is ready to take over the world. This powerful look is one of the hot looks of this summer, and you should be sure to find a pair of gladiators to join in on the trend

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