Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why Companies Can Benefit From A Tree Surgeon

Commercially speaking, companies tend to need to hire a tree surgeon for one of two broad reasons: either for construction reasons or for property and estate management reasons. This article looks at some of the tasks that a company may require a tree surgeon to do.

Tree Planting

When we were little we learned that all it takes for a tree to grow is for a seed to fall into the ground and get enough sunshine and rain at the right times to grow into a tree. Unfortunately, it is a little more complicated if you want the tree to grow in a certain way and perform in a certain manner for you and this is where a tree surgeon can help, particularly if you are tree planting on your estate.

Tree Hazard Assessment

Health and safety is a phrase that many business owners can find costly and constraining, but in the area of tree hazard assessment they are absolutely necessary and can even save money. If a tree is likely to fall, for example, the only way that can be predicted is if you hire a professional to assess what's going to happen. If it is likely to fall then it may cause untold damage to your business's property or even worse, hurt an employee.

Site Clearance

When you are building a new office or an extension of some sort, you obviously need to remove all trees and vegetation that are going to be in the new area - it is rather difficult to build on top of a tree, after all! Consequently, a tree surgeon can remove all of this for you so that it is done in a safe and effective way, clearing the way for your builders to get on with the job in hand.

Protection of Retained Trees on Construction Sites

There are some trees that you won't be allowed because they are protected, and consequently, if something happens to them during your construction then you could be in a lot of trouble with the law. By hiring a tree surgeon you can ensure that your construction site will not harm the tree and therefore you can avoid such an unpleasant outcome.

As you can see there are many things that hiring a tree surgeon can help with you with when you are running a business, and they can be a way of saving money as much as costing it.

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