Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Static Cling Can Be Used For

Most people think of static cling as something that is mostly annoying, such as when you pull your clothes out of the dryer and your socks stick to your shirts and so on. However, static cling is an important aspect of physics that has many uses in the modern world.

First of all, static cling labels and stickers are a very important product in the world of marketing. Rather than stick labels on products that are difficult to peel off, a static cling label will stay on the product almost indefinitely, but when it is time to peel it off, the label will come right off with ease. This means that the customer does not get annoyed with residue stuck on his or her product. The static cling sticker will impart some sort of important message, but at some point after the purchase, the customer will want to remove the sticker. A static cling sticker allows you to easily do that.

Many of us never really appreciate how important a role that small static cling stickers play in so many industries. For example, static cling stickers are extremely important in the world of auto repair. Most people take their cars to a mechanic of some sort to have their oil changed. As a reminder, the mechanic will usually place a static cling sticker in the upper left windshield to remind the driver of when to have the oil changed. This is a tiny advertisement reminder to the driver for the next several months. Every time he drives the car, he sees that static cling sticker with the name of the mechanic on it. And when the time comes to have the oil changed again, ¾ of the time, that person will go to the person who place the static cling sticker there.

On a related note, many larger signs that are used in windows are made by using the concept of static cling. The sign will stick on the window without using adhesive, but it is very easy to peel off when the time comes. The uses for static cling signs are many, but some of them include for stores, promotional signs in many different places, vehicle stickers and signs, and signs that are announcing sales or temporary announcements that need to be taken down in the near future.

Static cling is also important in the preservation of food. Static cling wraps cling to bowls and plates of food. Life would be more difficult if the wrap had to be actually adhered to your plate of food in the refrigerator!

There are fortunately many excellent places that you can go on line today to have your static cling signs and stickers printed. Many of these businesses will design your label for you and give you a bulk discount if you order several thousand at once. This is a wise move to save money on your static cling signs and labels.

You should definitely think about using static cling stickers in your business to relate important information without sticking a label permanently on a product.

Lawrence Reaves writes for and Maverick Label where you find information about static cling stickers here

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