Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Success At A Trade Show

You've put in the hard work, done your research and got your team together. Now you have a few days before the trade show takes place, but don't sit back and relax; the next few days need to be spent ensuring that everything will go to plan so you can make your trade the success you want.

Get your team together and run through everything, even if you think you've covered all the angles adequately before. There's unlikely to be enough time to remedy problems properly once the trade show opens and you don't want your attention diverted from the important job of getting your products and services across to the trade show attendees.

Get out the original paperwork that relates to the trade show. Reread the documentation to make absolutely certain you've addresses and comply with all the rules and regulations. You don't want to find you contravene any and end up with issues from the trade show organizers. Make sure to study the small print; there's bound to be plenty. If you think you may have a problem then you have time to contact the organizers and check with them. The last few days still allow you to make a few modifications, if necessary.

Go through the list of people you invited. Check you have received confirmation that they are attending. If you haven't had a response, make a call directly to the person. Additionally, it's a wise move to get a couple of your team members to call around the people you've invited to just politely remind them about the trade show. Check they're happy about the arrangements and they have arranged transport. Tell them you're looking forward to meeting up with them. Being confident that you are going to get plenty of people attending your booth that you already deal with makes the job easier. Always remember, these people may make excellent referrals for new customers at the show.

Go through all your publicity material. Make certain you have enough. Proof read your hand out material again to check for errors such as typos. Overlooking these things can be damaging, as it indicates that you haven't taken care. This may translate into your potential customer feeling you may not take care about any product or service you provide to him later. Check the name of company and your log are on every sheet of publicity material. Do they all have the contact details, and email addresses?

Check any electrical equipment that you intend to take to the trade show. Make sure everything is in working order. Make certain you have plenty of replacement bulbs, or other items that can easily be replaced during the course of the trade show should they fail.

Finally, rehearse everything with your team. Ensure they all know their respective jobs. Ask if they have any questions or concerns. It's much better to deal with them in advance rather that problems occurring during the trade show.
Once you've taken the time to go over everything again you and your team will feel relaxed about the forthcoming event and it will help ensure your trade show is a success.

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