Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Start a Home-Based Medical Transcription Business

My friend Michele Miller has been working at home in her own successful medical transcription business since 1994. this work has suited her perfectly and although it's not for everyone, she is excited to share what she does and how to get started for those who have the requisite background and skills to make a go of it. She has written a complete eBook about the process.

I've asked Michele to give my readers a short synopsis of what it takes to do medical transcription from home. She was kind enough to write the following:

"Working from home is such a huge movement in this economy. I'm glad I was able to start out in this business before I absolutely had to consider work at home options like so many people do today. I wanted to bring in a good income and be able to stay at home with my daughter and this has worked out perfectly for me.

Medical transcription is not a hard thing to earn a living with. Most of what you need you probably already have- a good computer with a word processing program. Someone with relatively good typing skills can potentially earn in the low to mid $30,000's from their own den in a matter of months. But in addition to the computer you need a few other things.

The first is training. You will need to spend a few months taking a Medical Transcription course. A degree is not required. There are many school offering completely online classes in Medical Transcription. One national school is Boston Reed. You can find out about that training by just doing a Google search of "Boston Reed Medical Transcription". Also many local community colleges offer similar training. This can be done a few nights a week for several months.

That training, along with your good grammar skills; your typing proficiency; online research skill; ability to work on your own; your self-motivation and ability to meet deadlines combine to make you the perfect candidate for working at home with medical transcription. Now you just need a little technical equipment and a plan.

The technical equipment consists of a computer and printer (which you probably already have), transcriber unit and software. All this can be purchased fairly cheaply second hand. You don't need the top of the line to get started! In my eBook I cover all the set up supplies you need in detail.

The plan consists of getting resources for running a home-based business (any business actually) such as basic book keeping and getting tax advice. I have an accountant I visit a couple times a year who keeps me on track- and it costs very little. I do my own bookkeeping. Next is a marketing plan. Mine is simple. I started out contacting local hospitals, doctors and clinics and offering them my services. I have a stock letter I send that has served me very well. I share that in my eBook as well.

And the best part- getting paid: Transcriptionists usually charge by the line so as your typing speed improves you will earn more. I charge about thirteen cents a line. That doesn't sound like much, but I can comfortably transcribe 200 lines per hour. That means I average, day after day, $26.00 an hour. Not bad for being able to work in your PJs!

Medical Transcription isn't for everyone, but if you have the particular set of skills I outlined above, and a small amount of seed money for the training and equipment, you can soon be making an enviable at-home income. I can't think of many businesses you can start with so little investment that can bring such a solid return!"

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