Thursday, July 5, 2012

Preparing For A Conference Event

When you have the job of coordinating an event, it can be overwhelming. There are some key things that you can do, however, to stay on task and remember what needs to be accomplished. Keeping good notes, using common sense and consulting with coworkers are all ways that you can avoid becoming overwhelmed. The sooner you begin preparation, the easier the process will be.

What date?
The first thing you must do is to figure out the date for the conference. It's best to have more than one date as a possibility in case the location or speakers are not available. You should avoid holidays, particularly bank holidays. You might want to learn if there are any other conferences in the area around the time you would like to have your conference. This may draw people who will already be in your location.

What is your budget?
You must know what type of budget you have so that you will know how much you can do. You should know exactly how much you can spend for the conference center, supplies, printing, food, security, speakers, accommodations, etc. Keep all receipts and while you can't control the cost of some things, you can keep a close watch on your budget to help you stay on track.

Where will you meet?
The place that you meet is very important in order to make it a successful conference. Your attendees and speakers will be more comfortable if you find a suitable venue. If you can find a hotel with conference rooms, you will be at a great advantage. These areas are typically comfortable with a good staff and resources that you can use during the conference.

Who will speak?
Once you have a specific agenda, it's time to decide on your speakers. Your choice of speakers will have a definite impact on how many people attend your conference. Well-known speakers will draw the great number of people and it's important to contact them as soon as possible. If a famous person is available and fits into your agenda, you will attract even more people.

How will they register?
It's important to have an easy registration process. Having all of your information online will attract more people. Every aspect of your event can be organized and viewed through one simple online registration process. People can get information about the conference, pay the fee, find contact information, learn more about the event, and find local hotels and places to eat. You should be able to highlight your speakers, provide maps, the names of key contact people, and other important information. There should also be a place where people can cancel their registration if necessary.

How will you promote?
There are so many different ways that you can promote your conference. Mailings, internet advertising, phone calls, newspaper ads, social networking, billboards - and the list goes on. Of course, if you've managed a conference in the past, you should have a database of all the names from those who attended previously.

Preparing for a conference is a lot of hard work. People can get information about the conference, pay the fee, find contact information, learn more about the event, and find local hotels and places to eat.

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