Saturday, July 7, 2012

Practical Tips for Trade Show Success

Quite simple, as the date for the trade show approaches life will become a whirlwind. You need proper control and to effectively manage your trade show activities.

Importantly, check and recheck the trade shows management rules and guidelines. Don't assume you know them all, and don't assume that the rules at the last trade show will apply to your forthcoming trade show.

It's likely that every trade show event has its own rules and regulations, make sure you are familiar with them and avoid any last minute hiccups. Getting advance clearance ensures you won't run have problems with trade show security. Even better, talking to them in advance and asking their advice is likely to result in your getting approval.

Check that you have packed a decent tool kit. Modern booths are simple to put together and most don't require a large comprehensive tool kit to set them up, but nonetheless, you never know when a tool will come in handy. It's better to be prepared than not; you don't want to have to start trolling around the trade show floor begging to borrow tools.

You will need a fair supply of electricity during the trade show; you have lights, graphic displays, computers and more. The chances are that there will only be a few electricity supply sockets nearby so you need to be able increase the number of sockets to cater for your electrical units. Make sure you bring an abundance of extension cables and multiplier sockets; they take up very little room so having more than you need if better than having a panic when you don't have enough.

Ensure you have back up electrical equipments and lighting. If' it's going to fail you can be pretty sure it will be during the trade show. It's also wise to ensure that at least one of your team is competent at dealing with electrical matters. With all the wiring, extension cables and multipliers, it can be difficult detecting where an electrical fault is and you don't want to end up with no power for an extended period of time.

Check and recheck you have packed all the literature and giveaways and that you have enough to last you. It's better to have to dispose of some or bring them back after the trade show that run out half way through.

While an optimistic approach is good mentally you do need to try and think of scenarios that could happen which will need urgent attention. Ask round and you will probably find that every exhibitor always has something that goes wrong; but if you are prepared, it minimizes the inconvenience and reduces the level of stress.

Drawing up a check list of the items mentioned above will help the planning process and ensure that you are prepared for anything that may happen. This will ensure you can concentrate on the real task ahead of you and your team and make sure that your trade show exhibition is a complete success.

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