Friday, July 6, 2012

Newsletters Which Are Guaranteed To Communicate

The Rosewood Realty Group was expanding. They had been through a tough several years, and they had seen many agents not be able to make it and have to drop out of the business. With the economy coming back, they realized that they were going to have to move forward with a less experienced group of agents, and so they knew that they would have a difficult time keeping up with training and trying to deal with errors and mistakes which were inevitably a part of this phase of the sales cycles.

They decided to call on someone they knew who might be in a position to advise them: a salesman at a full service printing company which happened to be located a block from their new location. They called him and they invited him over to see their new location.

He looked at their overall marketing program and came to the conclusion that the best way for them to move forward would be a newsletter.

A newsletter, he explained, would allow them to showcase every department in the organization, along with the people who worked in those departments. In turn, it would allow each department to showcase what they considered their big accomplishments of the moment. Finally, a newsletter would allow customers and potential clients to get an inside look at the organization, so that they could familiarize themselves with the inner workings of the company they did business with.

The salesman explained that the benefits to the organization would be several: the workers in the various departments could be recognized, and recognition was very important to them, particularly the usually unsung workers who handled a variety of important backroom tasks but who rarely got to interact with the public. This was a way of boosting morale.

He recommended a printed newsletter program as a marketing idea which fits easily into this pattern: a newsletter is studied for a variety of types of information, and it can be kept and reread and referred to many times. A newsletter, if done correctly, can be something which is looked forward to by those who receive it, and if that is the kind of newsletter program which you think you can develop, then you should leverage it with the internet media so that all of its potential is utilized.

One thing to consider is that as your organization grows in size, the number of stories and the amount of information that you might want to put into a newsletter becomes too great. Rather than increasing your printing and mailing costs, what makes a great deal more sense is for you to start making connections between your newsletter and the internet, so that people are given certain key information in the newsletter and then they can get onto the internet and find out more.

The author, who is associated with Conquest Graphics, is a nationally recognized expert on all aspects of printing, print marketing, the internet and social media. Contact Conquest Graphics for a discussion about using newsletters to help your business.

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