Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lollipops: Something For Everybody

Lollipops today come in all shapes, dimensions, colors, novelties, and flavors. Some suckers are large enough to break your jaws or engineered for the stick to remain in the candy until completely dissolved to prevent choking. The look and designs of lollipops have done more changing in the last fifty years than they have since their first estimated appearance in Medieval times when sugar was heated and hardened on a stick. Traditional rainbow swirl pops (popular in barber shops and corner markets in the fifties) that kids used to hop and skip down the street with have took a modern turn, gearing away from old fashioned and directing towards new ideas, flavors, and shapes.

The trick to making a swirl pop is simply winding a candy cane into a circle before completely cooling. Bubble gum, chocolate, and liquid innards are still the most popular interiors for lollipops today; inventive tactics are nipping at the heels though, with light up centers and toys inside the candy. Eateries and markets sell the most ice cream pops- although society tends to forget these confectionary treats are lollipops, the stick makes the difference. The most recognized ice cream on a stick is the time-honored vanilla ice cream covered in a hard chocolate casing. Some suckers come furnished now with a technological apparatus that twists the sucker for you at the push of a button.

Not all suckers are envisioned for children, as some contain alcohol, worms, and other insects. Medicinal suckers are manufactured for adults, not for children who would assume these to be candies, and used by military men for fast, effective doses. Not according to the FDA, but a few lollipop companies state they aid in weight loss. While most suckers are child approachable, a select few remain for mature buyers for fun and pranks. Lollipops that the consumers decide the overall appearance and taste of are called personalized lollipops and can be ordered via internet or over the telephone. Many of these designs range from loveable for children to funny innuendos for adults, such as suckers in the shape of a beer bottle.

Corn syrup and flavored fructose would be a couple of the ingredients involved in the candy making process. Different molds make different candies and before the lollipop mixture journeys to this point, it must first be flavored and colored. Exactly when and how lollipops were created is not concrete, though most researchers at least believe the term derived from 'lolly', which means tongue, and 'pop', which translates to slap.

Almost anywhere candy bars are sold, lollipops are merchandised beside them. Little has changed in the last few centuries as far as boiling sugar and syrup is concerned, which are the two main ingredients in lollipops. Quality taste, ease, and style are the biggest benefactors of this line of work. Lollipops are often found by registers in the front of businesses simply because they are a great item to grab just because you see it, the sucker looks delicious, and you must have it immediately. Sometimes, a lollipop is a must have quick fix- whether you're in need of a boost of energy or a treat for an impatient child, you are ensured to enjoy these indulgences fully, with their wonderful taste and quick boosts of liveliness.

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